Written or Live Reading?

You may be wondering, which one is better? The answer is, rather, another question: which one is better for you, at this time? Well, hopefully this page will help you to answer the second question!

I offer two very different categories of service for Astrological reading. They are very different for me, and very different for you. Let’s approach this as simply as possible… however, you’ll see, metaphorically by the style that this page is written in, that my writing style in general is complex and elaborate. Writing has been my craft for many years; I started writing professionally at age 8, and my industry credits on the IMDB include screenwriting…for a silent film. When I was being trained in Natal Astrology at IAA, I would spend sometimes 20 hours writing very detailed delineations for my homework charts, and I was told that I was going above and beyond. Yet, it was what felt natural to me. I couldn’t not go into so much detail in my writing. I like what the modality of the written (typed) word gives to me as a writer, and to you as the reader of the document. So much more thought can go into my written services, simply because of the nature of the writing process. And as such they are much more labor-intensive, and require a lot more from you as far as “digestion” goes.

It really depends on what you’re looking for! Live readings are more of the industry standard for a consulting astrologer, but, as a longtime writer, I want to offer different options for different needs. Quite honestly, I love doing written readings, though just because I prefer them doesn’t mean they’re easy for me. They actually are quite exhausting: they are much more labor-intensive, in terms of time, mental work, and emotional-spiritual work, however, it’s worth it, because I am able to take my time over the course of days in weaving a well-crafted reading for you. I can go really deep in a written reading, which I can’t really do in a live session. A live reading, on the other hand, although I do research beforehand, is spoken on the fly, and is all about your comfort in the session, as well as time constraints, and so we may not be able to explore everything that I want to point out to you. In very simple time-terms, even if my delivery is equivalent, in a live reading you’re getting an hour or a bit more than that of my delivery. With a written reading, you get many, many more hours of my work and presentation delivered. Not only that, but you get to digest the work on your own time, at your own pace: there is no social pressure on either end. For many people, that’s exactly what they need. I know that when I have consulted with other Astrologers, I often get that nervous feeling of being in the hot seat, feeling like I’m absorbing so much that I can’t really comprehend it at the time (especially if they talk fast or don’t like to answer questions in real time), and end up not remembering half of what was said! And yes, you can listen to the recording, but then you have to spend a whole hour again, and maybe even take notes! With a written document, you can locate exactly where in the document is the information you need in seconds. Writing is just a better medium for the delivery of complex information, all-around. But, live sessions have their own benefits that a written reading cannot provide, either:

  • a live reading requires less time, and doesn’t go as deep, which is a lot easier on both of us physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I don’t have to go as deep, because I very literally cant. There just isn’t enough time. Thus the reading is more “holistic.”
  • To jump off that, there isn’t as much detail as far as the astrology goes, but you the client receive much more more in the way of Moral Support and Emotional Alignment. Simply connecting with your Astrologer in Real Time can be a huge benefit. For many, that Real Time is a vital part of the experience.
  • Because of the Real Time, we can “navigate” together. In a written reading, I produce 100% of the work. In a live reading, it’s more of a conversation: I present findings, and you respond, then I respond in return in the direction that you are leaning, before we move on to the next point together in tandem. Because of this, you can receive advice, or information, that you would not get in a written reading, because of your input into the session.
  • They cost less, which means that clients who can’t afford my written options can be served.
  • it’s more of a “just the facts ma’am” option for clients who quite frankly don’t want to know the whole gamut or want to study or read something, or go into the nitty gritty, but just want to get the information they need and be on their way. I totally understand! What is “surface level” to my eye could be very overwhelming for someone who is new to Astrology. It is important that I remember that, and consider what the client’s experience is like! Not everyone wants a full workup.
  • it helps me to break out of my comfort zone and grow! Believe it or not, I feel more comfortable diving deep and exposing the whole picture, but it’s often healthier for me to just say it like it is in simple terms: the Keep it Simple method. That’s my Scorpio South Node and Taurus North Node for you!

Clients are more than welcome to try both modalities, in any order that makes sense for you. Either way my goal is to make sure that you receive the best service that I can offer.