Why Bending Backward?

What I remember about why I chose this blog address back in 2014 was simply that, out of all of the yoga postures I was practicing regularly, I liked the backbends the most. The way that they stretched out my chest, opened my heart and throat and lungs, and forced me to surrender and take in life was a feeling that I wanted to instill in the intent of this website.

I also liked how it seemed to bring up a sense of the mechanism of thought that goes into my writing process, as well. I did a thought-association exercise where I focused on my idea of Mercury, representing the divinity of writing. So, I thought of Mercury in my own natal chart. My natal Mercury is retrograde (many people have this condition, considering Mercury goes Rx more than any other planet) and what the retrograde motion looks like from our perspective, is that the planet’s path “bends” backward in the sky and goes back the other way, before it “bends” forward again, forming a loop. The planet also comes to an apparent complete stop, and moves much more slowly in reverse than forward. A retrograde Mercury person will tend to be introspective, processing ideas or communicating their thoughts more slowly than average, but often with more depth and consideration.

As time went on, long after I’d named the site, I also discovered another correspondence: that my natal Mercury is also at its own “bending,” or one of either of the extremes in north or south latitude (in my case, South). That is, a planet at its own bending is as far away from the center of its path (from Earth’s perspective) that it can be. This is a much more rare condition than Rx. So, I had chosen the right name, I just didn’t really know it at the time. Basically, I was born with a “far out” mind. But being dominated and invisible through the Sun, with Saturn in an almost-perfect square putting the reins on, means that if I am going to fulfill the natal promise of my chart and get that trine to my Midheaven going, I have to have a proper medium through which to communicate what my mind creates, through the form of writing; something that I can build on, that my Mercury can deliver the messages it needs to deliver.

So indeed, my Mercury is Bending, and also, bending backward.

& still love a good backbend…