What a Reading Involves


Your spread is determined during the session, and no prior study or work specific to your inquiry is performed beforehand.


What charts will I look at for your reading?

I look at the Geocentric and Heliocentric charts relevant to your reading. This (unless it’s a simple horary) always involves the Natal chart. I usually also look at transits (across time), and natal progressions. I may also look at Prenatal Syzygy (the lunation before your birth, and sometimes the eclipse before your birth). Besides these “wheel charts,” I look at the Geocentric Ephemerides to see the overall motions of the planets during the month of, and sometimes before, and after your birth to see if any planets were close to a retrograde or direct station, or if they had recently changed signs. I also look at the Geocentric Declinations and Latitudes for your natal configuration. All in all, I may consult up to or even over 10 different charts and graphs for even a basic reading. Please note that “simple and quick” readings will not involve as many charts, but I still always look at them before a session to prepare.

What minor techniques and factors do I use?

I apply a very wide variety of eclectic techniques to my research. Here are some of the techniques that I may use for your reading. Please note that every chart and every chart reading is different, and sometimes certain techniques will yield more information for me in some cases than others.

  • Nodes of the Moon
  • Prenatal Syzygy
  • Declination and Latitude
  • Essential, Accidental, and Minor Dignities
  • Classical Temperaments
  • Minor Aspects and Chart Patterns
  • Fixed Stars
  • Asteroids, Centaurs, and Dwarf Planets
  • Arabic Parts/Lots such as Pars Fortuna
  • Annual Profections
  • True or Mean Lilith
  • Vertex (angle)
  • Secondary Progressions
  • Solar Arc Progressions
  • Relocated Charts
  • Sabian Symbols
  • Numerology
  • Saros Cycles