As an amateur astrologer I’ve always enjoyed discussing chart details with others who share an interest in the art of astrology, but when I found Cheryl online I was introduced to a whole slew of new ideas and ways of understanding the information encoded in my horoscope. Cheryl understands both the big picture and the close detail, and will spend hours working through your material with a fine toothcombe to really get into the nitty gritty of the astrological influences at play in your personality, life, and relationships. If you are seeking assistance with personal Shadow work, self-actualisation, or you are just wanting to gain some sense of “Why?”, Cheryl can help walk you through that process: be it into the dark, the light, or the liminal inbetween.

English Witch and blogger

Cheryl is a gifted practitioner that takes her time adjusting her practice and tuning in to her clients specific needs. It’s such a pleasure to have treatment from someone so talented. I highly recommend her services.

Jean G

As I found myself lost in several social conflicts, confused as to what the universe was trying to communicate to me, I reached out to Cheryl for clarification. As we spoke and she analyzed my astrological chart for the time period of conflict, I learned that my situations were not as bizarre and foreign as I thought them to be. I heard what I was experiencing was influenced by the higher energies of my astrology, how the planets were positioned and how these real life happenings directly influenced my life. As a wave of understanding enveloped my soul, I felt relieved. I felt enlightened. I felt more in touch with the universal workings of my life. In the end, this knowledge brought a calmness as I understood I was not alone, but a single part of this beautiful world. Overall, Cheryl’s caring, gentle and insightful nature is one outlet that is wonderful to plug into every now and then as the clarity she gives is unlike any other I have experienced.

Kathryne E.
Art Teacher

Hello Cheryl,

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the work and time you’ve spent on my charts and issues. Your in-depth analysis, intuitive interpretation, and subtle commentary have been right on point and most helpful in answering my sometimes difficult questions. I must say that I have also enjoyed our numerous conversations and the level of insight as well as humor you have shown as part of your comprehensive service. You mentioned in passing that you have been doing Tarot work. I would at your earliest possible convenience like to schedule a reading. Again, thank you for your valuable and most helpful service.


James Cassidy
Cassidy Research