Maine Solar System Model

If you want to skip the introduction that includes a reasonable framing as well as updates since I first made the tour, here’s the link!

In the Summer of 2018, I toured Northern Maine on a whim, and “discovered” the Maine Solar System Model, which is the largest 3D to-scale model of our Solar System in the Western Hemisphere. I originally wrote this in installments as blog posts over a 5 month period or so, but it is now available readily and permanently as a Feature of this website. It contains autobiographical elements, because hey, my Sun, Ascendant, Mercury, and Mars are all in Leo, and I can’t help sharing some of my own story, so I narrate it in a way that shares educational references to my own astrological events. However, this work is not about me: it’s intended to be fun and amusing, an experience of discovery for the reader.

When I came across the Maine Solar System Model (MSSM), I had no idea that it existed at all. I just felt “called” to the area for some reason. One thing that a person learns as a serious student of Astrology, or any other magical or divine system, is that our Universe is more mysterious, and more amazing, than we can comprehend. As we open ourselves up to the magic of the Cosmos, and allow ourselves to be guided by our inner voice, we find surprises that we could not have planned, but were planned for us by the Powers that Be, and are led by Synchronicity along our path. The Maine Solar System Model was such a surprise for me. I had been traveling as a dedicated Seeker, on and off, for over 4 years at that point, starting in Spring 2014, when my Saturn Return hit, by degree, for the second time (I went through a Rx Saturn Return! Ouch!). By the time August 2018 came along, my lifestyle had become that of seasonal/half-time nomad, and my (Geocentric) transits and Solar Return that year were very challenging: Pluto square Midheaven (and Retrograding), Uranus approaching a Fixed Square with my Ascendant, and Jupiter on my painful Scorpio South Node…and that’s just for starters! I was traveling in search of peace and solace, and the Planets were refusing to let me rest. I was in dire need of a reprieve, when I stumbled across Pluto in a tiny diorama in Houlton, Maine.

Yes, I found Pluto at the Houlton Rest Area, along Route 1 in Northeastern Maine, maybe a day or two before my 33rd birthday. Pluto represents trauma and transformation, that feeling of being tumbled by the Universe who is so much bigger than us.

A while after I originally published the Tour, I decided to do an online search for MSSM articles, thinking, well hey, maybe I’ll find others who had written about it too! It’s sort of an obscure and nichey thing, after all, and I found some interesting information:

I found this article by Astronomers Astroguyz that discusses the Pluto II (Perihelion Pluto) location, the Ceres location, and the – get this, Eris location! Apparently, they were all added after the other ones, and trust me – if they were listed on any of the maps or were referenced on the UMPI’s MSSM site, I would have known about them, and I certainly would have included them in my tour.

And in regard to Uranus, I then found this article, which is hosted on the UMPI website, but is NOT a part of the MSSM webpage – in fact it looks much more modern. Its main content is this: that Uranus was “out of orbit” for repairs as of October 30, 2018. Methinks it is no minor coincidence that this was within a few days of Uranus’ retrograde passage from Taurus, where it had peeked in for a bit, back into Aries. Zir was reinstated by August 31, 2019, as per this article that explains how Jupiter and Neptune had already been repaired, how Saturn is next, and even more fascinating, how Haumea and Makemake are going to get their own Models! Hell yeah!!! Gotta plan another trip!!!

Without further ado, here is the entry path to the Tour. We start at Pluto, then zoom back to the Sun, where the tour “properly” begins.