Heliocentric Integration

One of the ways that makes my service so different from the vast majority of other astrologers out there is that I read both Geocentric (Earth-Centered) and Heliocentric (Sun-Centered) natal charts. Without a doubt, unless an Astrologer specifically says that they are reading Heliocentric, they are reading Geocentric. Of course, when we observe the sky, it is from an Earth-centered perspective, because we live on Earth. The entire history of Astrology until very recently was completely Geocentric, and its value is immense. However, we can learn so much more about ourselves from also looking at the Heliocentric perspective. The Heliocentric perspective, simply put, is a more “soul” or “heart-centered” way of looking at things, while the Geocentric perspective tells more about the physical life and experiences on Earth. You may find that your Heliocentric chart speaks more to how you really feel, then your Geocentric chart. Michael Erlewine, one of the Greats in this field, calls the Geo chart the “Karma” chart, and the Helio chart the “Dharma” chart. I read both, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on either one!