Crystal Mining

I have been working with crystals ever since I was a little girl! The Tiger’s Eye fascinated me, and of course, I had a rock tumbler. In 2019 I took a week off from my studies to go mining for crystals in my home state of New York, and shortly after, began prospecting in New York as well. I have mined for Herkimer Diamonds, Druvite Black Tourmaline, Phlogopite, and Pyrite.

When I first started this blog back in 2014, one of my first entries was an Inquiry Toward the Ethics of Mining Metaphysical Crystals. Now I truly know the meaning of the phrase “know your miner!” I still do purchase crystals from other sellers, if I am in need of a certain species, but my connection with the Mineral Realm has only gotten stronger, and I have only become more grateful for these Beings of Perfect Love and Power.

Phlogopite and Dravite Black Tourmaline with Quartz, Pierrepont NY
Herkimer and Dolomite in Dolostone, Middleville NY
Dolomite and Herkimer Druze in Dolostone, Middleville NY
Not quite sure what the matrix is, but, those are Black Tourmaline chips. Pierrepont, NY