About Lelune/Inquiries

I was born and raised on Long Island, New York. A strong Leo Sun and Ascendant in Tropical Zodiac, I somehow found myself at the center of many scenes and situations from an early childhood, but not all of them have been easy: my Scorpio signature is arguably even stronger, in terms of impact, than my Leo: but that’s fine, because I love getting to the core of the issue and identifying it and then working on it! I first became interested in professional divination in my childhood, when a lady cousin gave me a book of palmistry at my Father’s funeral. An offering that I couldn’t refuse, but didn’t really look at until many years later, and I still have diverted from that practice, though I am learning, in a most roundabout way. I chose Astrology and Tarot instead, having my own separate, and now often combined, journey with them. I started reading cards professionally for the public in 2014, and I received in May 2019 my Natal Astrology Certification from the International Academy for Astrology, with whom I took a 63-week 7x tested course. The course is a part 1 of a longer Professional course which is double the length of the NATAL course, however, I chose to go my own way to decide later if I wanted to pick up the second half, or pursue my further development by other means.

In the meanwhile, I study and practice a wide variety of techniques and methods, ranging from classical methods to modern. Just recently I integrated Heliocentrics into my reading, and began studying Draconic reading. I have been studying active relocation of my own self for a few years now, and as of Spring-Summer 2020 I am attending Moses Siregar III’s Holistic Astrology and AstroCartoGraphy Masterclass. I have a holistic and eclectic approach that includes everything from classical to relatively-obscure modern techniques, that combined with a well-trained natural intuition and passion for pureheartedly helping others to know their truth and heal their life, is quite extensive in its scope, but I love to nit-pick too, and so if you really want to explore an issue, I can go there with you. I’m LGBTQ+ and Kink-friendly.

I also practice energy healing and crystal healing, and am especially grateful to have crystals of multiple varieties that I have mined myself that assist me in my regular and event-centered healing work. My first entry ever on this blog, actually, was an inquiry towards the ethics of crystal mining. How ironic.

I have a varied professional history including industry-credited screenwriting, choreography, stuntperformance, dancer, and actress, I have worked in fine arts as a private and stage performer in fire-dance, university figure model, living statue on the street, tarot reader on the street, writing tutor, editor, courier, animal care professional, serviceperson, Dominatrix, activist, and musical busker. I’m a written and spoken word poet who has been published in Amelia’s Magazine, and at the last minute possible. You could say I’m “working on a few books,” to put it lightly; absurdly lightly, indeed. If they’ll ever manifest, I’ll let you know. For now, I have what I have, and that’s mostly here, this website being sort of a catch-all for my works, in the most efficient way to present the material. The blog is the largest part of the website. I have more in progress on different levels all the time. I like the timeline-mode of the blog because it allows me to publish at-will, and let the success (internal or external) of the material determine if I let that become a leaning. I like the “category” feature because it allows the multi-faceted approach to content to be easily parsed.

I consider myself a healer, a Warrior, a peacemaker, a soothsayer, a trickster, a prayerful woman, and a radical weirdo, and a person who is completely willing to surprise myself with who I will become, although not necessarily in that order. I’m quite serious in all of my undertakings and actions, but I am known for a certain amount of absurdity (I have a partile Sun-Uranus trine that is part of a wider Grand Trine to my Midheaven). I have a very unusual approach to life, and it’s possible that if you have made it this far, that you have some sort of positive resonance with my ways, so, if you are seeking the services of what a soothsaying witch who has been around the country a few times would be able to do, and one who very specifically is Me, then reach out. If you want to contact me to work with me on an inquiry, a research project, or for professional work of any kind, whether artistic, Sacred Scientific, psychic or anything between, outside, or throughout, please reach out to me at 631-235-1999 or email me at leluneastro@gmail.com and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.