Siege at Waco TX, April 19 1993, a proof for Equal House System

If we are discussing house systems, observe how each house system, in its subtle thing that makes it different, alerts us to a different “matrix” of understanding. In this case, with the inner chart showing the moment that the FBI Siege on Branch Davidian began, and then the outer wheel the moment that David Koresh, the group’s leader was pronounced dead, you can see that the Moon moved almost 5 degrees in between those times, inevitably ending up at the Ascending degree of the moment the siege began. You also observe that the Asc of the final instance is in a partile quincunx to the original Asc. Obviously, this 6 degree marker is important, giving a reason to use Equal house to read this chart. I wonder what would be found in Porphyry, which would bring attention to the MC, an angle supported by a partile cardinal square from Venus. Good thing is that if you know how to read, you don’t have to re-cast all the time. Porphyry would allow for reading in Equal, and Whole if you look closely, but isn’t as visually easy to parse, IMO.

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