May 25-June 3rd Astrological Forecast

In Our Heliocentric arrangement we have Mars approaching conjunction with both Pluto (exact tomorrow) and Saturn (exact on June 2). We already sort of went through this in Material Reality in Earth or Psychic Internal Experience Here. That was a while ago, from March 19 through April 2. And what happened there? That was the center of the unprecedented lockdowns and the disease height. March 19 India, California, and Haiti locked down: Very telling. UK on the 23rd. Then on April 2, USA institutes Stay at Home (all dates from as of May 25 2020). So basically this is all going to “hit us” on a spiritual level over the next week in a way where we sort of already have physically adjusted. “New Normal” and such. But the soul is screaming out for interaction with its split selves. We as humans want to know ourselves and each other. We don’t do well in isolation. It breeds a need to explore and expand. Even China opened back up. We have to, also. People will be actively seeking connection in any way they can find it, even by acting in ways they normally would find much too assertive for their “cultivated” personality. I say wild is the way to go these days, especially with Moon Out Of Bounds for the next two, I mean why not try something new? If it’s safe but out of character, try it on, who knows. At least it’s better than keeping it inside and letting it come out in anger, or rage, which is something we DON’T want to do here. What we want is to lean in to the creative interests we have, our lust for life and social lightheartedness. Geocentric Venus and Mercury conjunction in tropical Gemini aids our work in the realm of social engagement. We find a way to connect. Venus and Earth conjunction in Helio show that we succeed by the end of the week in unifying our need for connection, with our need for personal insurance of comforts and boundaries, in a sense we get a glimpse into what we may want to create as in a collective we move forward into this unwritten era.

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