A Fundamental Lesson in Divination, Astrological Election, and Magick: Intensive Intending, or, Acceptance of What Is?

One reaches a point when one realizes when you can’t “make stuff happen” if the Universe has a better plan for you. Magick and manifestation are real, and sometimes we can feel great about ourselves when we have a good week, but that doesn’t mean we should think that we can bypass processes in our own growth. Or, maybe what we think we want is so off the mark because we don’t yet have the eyes to see what it is that we need. Indeed, we all know that a lot can change internally inside a person in a short time: a day, a week, or more or less, can be transformative. Collectively moving through such intense transformation as a global society right now, we are impacted even more strongly than before. We would do best to listen quietly to the birds and our stillness as much as possible in this time. All will be revealed. But we get to spend a while “not knowing.” I’m finding it enjoyable to embrace: surrender to what is feels a lot more pleasurable than fighting against what I can’t change. It’s important, definitely, to know when to apply energy, and when to conserve it. Mind training, also: noticing the inner monologue, and intervening when necessary, or shutting down its speed. We can spend so much energy thinking about what the details of whatever is that we miss out on what’s really happening. Indeed we look at Saturn through Pluto transits rather than Mercury transits for any real useful impact because it’s so fast that it rarely catches on. Even Moon has more impact because of the intimate nature. Venus is OK but electing by Venus transit is just as good as using the Sun, in essence of time. But you don’t really get a sense of how intentfully irrelevant Mercury is until you look at it Heliocentrically. Mercury is so fast that it’s incomprehensible. It’s inherently erratic to our rhythm. We can’t comprehend the mind. It’s better to ignore its wanderings, but to be patient, because it’s sensitive, and light, and can be thrown off balance or course so easily. We thus see that we cannot keep up with Hermes or Thoth who Created Himself from Nothing; we can only hope to accept the message that we are subject to higher laws and measurements, and that there certainly is a Divine Plan. What the Plan entails, and what’s still left open, is yet to be agreed upon. If we don’t have proper Mercury-Saturn balance in finding a bodily value over the mental value, then we lose what’s most important: our connection to our bodies, in a comfortable mode.

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