Venus and Neptune Gateway, Extending May through August 2020: channeling grace into productive beauty, through August forecast channel

We are just finishing up a heliocentric trine between Venus and Neptune. Why this is significant is because we will be, due to the Venus Retrograde, be in a stalemate geocentric Venus-Neptune square for a while, through the beginning of August. That may bring its own progress, through more conflict that produces beautiful changes. This current trine, though, the past couple of days, things may have come easy, in the sense of a sort of pleasant feeling, connected to Source. We’ve passed through what that feels like, while also feeling the square. We can channel the ease of the trine into the next number, the power of the square. This is an evolutionary number progression: 3 to 4, a pathway that isn’t even represented by a card in the Tarot, according to the Sephiroth/Tree of Life.

So, if we can access it another way, Venus and Neptune combined are a good way to get in that zone. It’s good that we can note the ease first, and the difficulty second. A square is a diamond turned flat.

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