Rough Road: Heliocentric Astrology Forecast for 2020

We last explored how this year is a year of heavy Retrogression. The timeline is here. However, if we look at the situation Heliocentrically, there is no retrogression at all, and some of the planets are in totally different places, and yet others are in the same general area (the more distant, the more consistent).

June 25 heliocentric chart on a computer screen because I was having tech issues

We have been following the Capricorn Pileup, and it presents in both perspectives. However, it’s arranged differently. In Geocentric, Mars has already moved on. There will be a challenging Rx period in there, in a Cardinal Square to the Bad Bunch, but that is a square, not a conjunction. The conjunction in Heliocentric we are about to experience is similar to the energy in the air from the first week in March through the first or second week in April, and the 17th-18th were especially difficult days (Moon transiting the Geocentric Baddies, including Mars). Sounds about right to me: the height of the Coronavirus worry and actual destruction on many people’s health and livelihood. Well, on a Higher Level, we have only just begun to address the spiritual implications of this mass scale shift. Those who deal with these concerns anyway have already been talking about it, but way more people are going to be seeking answers from the Inside of the Heart of Things soon, when we experience again what we just went through on an Earthly level, again on a Spirit or Soul level. This effectively will last through June, but will be the worst from now until June 6, when Mars moves 3 degrees away from Saturn, and ingress into Aquarius (Tropical) besides. We will have come to terms with loving our neighbor as ourselves (Venus separating from Earth at 3 degrees). The first half of July we will be re-creating how we communicate across our selves (Mercury transiting Jupiter, Pluto, Earth, Saturn, Venus, and Mars).

Through the Summer we continue to heal these core wounds (Mercury transit Uranus), relating with others and finding balance (Venus conj Mars), then finding surprises at the end of July (Mercury transit Uranus).

Mercury (our communications) is figuring the real story out between June 29 and August 5-7, when Hermes talks with every planet on the block: the end of June starts a Tight Bundle pattern, and that is what ends at the end of July. We will review everything that is coming for the next month or so, during that time. Everyone has a different story.

Then, we get to hear Hermes’ story, independently. August starts a new cycle that morphs into a different arrangement on Oct 1, with a secondary re-evaluation on Sept 4 (Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto in t-square to Mercury, and Venus/Uranus) that could totally change the plans.

Saturn goes direct in Geo right at the end of September and a few days later Heliocentric Mercury transits the Capricorn Gang at the beginning of October. The first few days of October will be serious thoughts and working together, adult conversations concerning reality at hand. We will have to be evolutionary-minded and healing-concerned (quincunx) to relate with the other, and we may feel extra sensitive (Earth in conjunction with Chiron and Mars).

Around when Mars goes direct in Geo at the middle of November, we in Helio come into a rough Grand Trine pattern. By the time everyone (for the most part) is direct and we have our First Great Conjunction Of the Air Trigon on Winter Solstice, we have Mercury having a serious conversation again that will last through Traditional Christmas. 2021 will begin with a challenge to find balance in our inner relational dichotomy (Venus opposite Mars) and how we balance lushness and bodily experience (Earth) with the severe facts of life (opposite Capricorn planets Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto). We can realize this by opening up and talking about what really moves and heals us (Mercury with Neptune and Chiron in aspect with Earth and Venus).

We will feel a bit scattered until June 25 or so.

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