Retrograde-Heavy 2020: Slowing Down, Staying in Town. All Rx and Direct Dates!

Note: this article focuses on Geocentric phenomena only.

I’m writing this a few days before the 5/7/2020 Full Moon, but the article applies to May and June, July and August, September, October, November and December… for the rest of the year, in other words.

We’re about to experience a pretty severe Retrograde pileup. We’ve had these for a few summers: July-August 2019 (Mercury joined the “party” in between the two Eclipses), August 2018, August 2017 (Mercury going Rx in between those eclipses, too)… we could go back further in the ephemeris, but you get the idea. It can help to look back and think about how things felt before so that we can better notice how we feel this time.

It’s not highly unusual for many planets to be in Rx at the same time, but it is somewhat unusual, and besides, it makes a huge impact on our experience on Earth, however often it happens.

I remember very well August 2018: I got stuck in Northern Maine for a few weeks, very literally with nowhere to go and no money to get there anyway, and I used that time to tour the Maine Solar System Model. I wasn’t able to get a move on until Mars and Saturn stationed direct. The planets held me in place! That happens with periods where there’s a lot of Retrogrades happening, It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that with the worldwide “shelter in place” lockdowns, that freedom of movement will probably continue to be limited for a while.

Let’s look closer:

In May we have 3 major Rx happening:

  • May 11, Saturn Rx
  • May 13, Venus Rx
  • May 15, Jupiter Rx

These three are all happening after the Full Moon on May 7, and before the New Moon on May 22. Currently only Pluto is in Retrograde. We’re coming up to a powerful Scorpio Full Moon, which is going to aggravate challenging feelings, and bring them to a head. Then, within about a week, both Benefics and Saturn station Retrograde. We’re going to feel super-charged, then the brakes will be put on. By the time the New Moon comes around on May 22, we’ll experience a pretty noticeable shift in the inertia of our world situation.

In June the party grows. Note that they are all within 2-3 days of the Summer Solstice:

  • June 18, Mercury Rx
  • June 18, Pallas-Athena Rx
  • June 23, Neptune Rx

So now we’re at 7, or 6 if you don’t count the asteroid. We have two station-directs in June, though.

  • June 27, Juno D
  • June 28, Venus D (after only a month and a half)

It continues in July:

  • July 7, Ceres Rx
  • July 12, Chiron Rx

But Mercury goes direct on the same day Chiron goes Rx:

  • July 12, Mercury D

Total at this point (within the bodies that we study here, which are the major planets, Chiron, and 4 major belt asteroids) is 8, or 6 if you don’t count the asteroid (We consider Chiron pretty important, and more important than the 4 major belt asteroids).

Oh zing! In August we get another one:

  • August 16, Uranus Rx

September we get Mars Rx, and Jupiter Direct a few days later, then Saturn at the end of the month:

  • September 10, Mars Rx
  • September 13, Jupiter D (this happens on the New Moon)
  • September 28, Saturn D

So, the heavy Rx is letting up by the end of September, sort of.

October we get Mercury going back into Prescription, and Pluto finally going direct:

  • October 5, Pluto D
  • October 14, Mercury Rx

November rolls around and by the end of December, only Uranus is Rx.

  • November 4, Mercury D
  • November 14, Mars D (on the Dark Moon)
  • November 29, Neptune D
  • December 16, Chiron D

This sets the stage for the Great Conjunction, the merging of Jupiter and Saturn into the new Air trigon, happening monumentally on the Winter Solstice. Basically, this year is going to be a year of regression, re-examination, and stalemate situations. It’ll feel heaviest and slowest in the summer. I need not go into the politics or personal exploration of what is happening in regard to the Covid-19 pandemic here, because everyone already knows: this is a totally unprecedented world affair. The virus isn’t even the main event: what is affecting many more people is the shutdowns and economic collapse. Well, things aren’t going to get much better anytime soon, according to the Astrology. In fact, it won’t be until the very end of the year when we can actually truly begin to move forward. But, it will be from what feels like a few steps back (remember, Rx puts us notably behind where we were before). In the meanwhile, we have to re-examine pretty much everything about how we have been living as a collective planet. We have the opportunity for a rebirth on the Winter Solstice. Let’s intend to choose to live in such a way that is spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically sustainable, for our well-being, and the well-being of the planet, because those are the same thing. We are being guided by the circumstances, our internal truths, and helping Spirits to make the choices that are best for our learning to live from a place of Love and Peace. In the meantime we have a lot of crap to work out. There are many forces in the Universe, and I am definitely not attempting to sugar-coat everything: always there is a process, and processes cannot be rushed or bypassed. We must go through them. And, we’re going through it this year. Stay tuned for more event-specific forecasts.

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