A Rough Few Days: Luna’s Condition, Pluto Station, and Helio Arrangements: Last Few Days of April 2020

The next couple of days will be a little rough, emotionally speaking, but we have great potential to try something new or plow through work having to do with writing or communicating, or the arts. Let’s look at the Geocentric conditions first.

Pluto just stationed, and is going Retrograde. This commences a cascade of Retrograde conditions happening before the next New Moon (on May 22), and another two the following month that will lead to SIX retrograde planets at the same time for a few days (and two concurrent stations, besides). We’ll be in heavy Rx (yeah, that’s the same symbol as “prescription”) until December, around the same time that we go through some major large-scale shifts.

The Moon just went into Cancer, the water sign she rules, and will remain there until 1:06 am UTC on April 29, but when that happens, she’ll be almost in an exact opposition to Saturn. As of right now, she’s in a quincunx to Saturn. These are two challenging or difficult aspects, one after the other, and with the Great Malefic (in rulership himself), who, in association with the Moon, makes us just feel like what we feel, and what we are required to do, just isn’t jiving. Of course, we can overcome these challenges and do amazing work during this time, but there is this underlying feeling of “I can’t express myself” due to a challenging Moon-Saturn aspect.

In the meanwhile, Moon will be Out of Bounds, so we may have more energy to break free of restrictions, or on the negative side, we may go seriously stir-crazy. It really depends on who you are and how you respond to the energy.

What is Out of Bounds? This is a measure of declination (where the bodies are in relation to the Earthly equator. Out of Bounds means basically the same thing it does in sports: out of the official line of play, and it causes chaos in the game. When a ball goes out of bounds, it isn’t playing by the rules, and it throws a wrench into the collective gears, but doesn’t care. Even if the Referee calls it, the action has already been taken. Any body except for the Sun can go out of bounds.

Here’s an interesting bit about Moon Out of Bounds pointed out by jbussastrology:

Remember that Moon Out of Bounds thing? It’s when the Moon strays too far from the Equator. In general, everybody gets over-Emotional. It happens for a day or so every two weeks for about eleven years, then not at all for the next eleven years or so. The Moon started its last Out-Of-Bounds Adventure on 11 September 2001.


The Moon is the ruler of Cancer, indeed, which is a mitigating factor, although, to be quite honest, Moon in Cancer under these conditions isn’t necessarily pleasant. We want to be cuddled and coddled, and to feel safe, and the Saturn aspects and Out of Bounds makes us feel anything but safe. Again, though, this energy can be used to really plow through something you really want to set your mind to.

In fact, at the moment that I write this, Moon is in conjunction with her own North Node, which just went into Cancer itself. This point represents, basically, “where we want to move toward.” Indeed, these days we as a planet are collectively concerned very much with issues of home life, family security, and emotional safety. If you’re reading this right when I post it, you may be feeling very acutely that your emotional experience is very much focused on these issues.

Sometime within the next 24 hours Moon will make a Cardinal Square with Chiron, adding to the stress. This arrangement makes us acutely feel our collective wounding. It’s not a pleasant feeling, but we can learn a lot about ourselves from allowing ourselves to go through the process.

A Sextile with Mercury for the next half-day or so makes a good opportunity for compartmentalizing our feelings and thoughts, putting names to them. Mercury moves into Taurus within an hour of my making this post, putting the two bodies in Feminine signs. We can, at least before the Out of Bounds really begins, to more easily drop into our body.

It’ll probably feel worse as these few days go by, because of the Moon’s approach to opposing Saturn (and the Jupiter-Pluto conjunction along the way).

We have a Venus-Neptune mutable square that is applying, and soon Venus will go Rx, which will extend the influence of this aspect for a while, through the month. It won’t be easy, but great potential for hard work on anything artistic or creative is possible during this time. This is more of a “this artwork was created out of my blood, sweat, and tears” aspect than a “creating this was so much fun!” aspect, but, hey, what are you gonna do.

In the meanwhile, Mercury is approaching Sun-Uranus. This could either contribute to high levels of anxiety, or to extreme surges of energy to get Mercurial things done, such as writing or other communicating. Most likely, you’ll feel the anxiety either way, but if you can channel it, you may be able to really blow through some work. Personally, I have been writing and creating up a storm these past few days and intend to continue! Gotta channel it somewhere!

Now, the Helio influences over the next few days.

Again, challenging. Mercury is starting in a conjunction with Chiron, and moving through Cardinal Squares with Mars (exact to a few arcminutes on both counts as I publish this), and then to the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn arrangement, and then immediately after that, conjoining with Uranus. The Uranus arrangement supports the Geocentric Uranus conjunction. We may spend a few days working very hard and then have a breakthrough.

Earth is in Quincunx with Chiron (and Mercury, today). We may feel especially challenged physically. Chronic (look at that word, huh? It originates with the word for Saturn, Kronos, but, move the i, and we have Chiron too! Wowzerz) issues will be on our minds and we will be experiencing them in our bodies, too. This is separating as of yesterday, and Mercury will be out of there effectively by tomorrow.

Mars and Chiron are in an exact square. Our health issues (mental, emotional, whatever) are aggravated, and we feel aggravated by them! A sextile between Mars and Earth gives us a window to deal with this effectively, though. Definitely take whatever opportunities you have to tend to your issues. It’s hard to relax at this time, especially with Mars and Uranus in a partile trine, besides!!! This aspect also, though, can help us to put good use to this energy. In addition to a sextile with Earth, we can create opportunities to channel this energy. Together these aspects create a “Wedge,” which can really do wonders for the energies to work together. Mars, Uranus, and Earth in a wedge gives us an immense amount of power to create change in our actual lives. We may feel like we are zooming forward, but this is a powerful revolutionary energy. Create something new! Both of the geo and helio factors right now are creating great stress, but they are also lining up to aid us in making huge leaps in our creativity. Use it!

If you want to discuss how these energies that are passing by this week are affecting you, or can be used by you, my “What’s Going On? Quickie” is on sale at a very affordable price. This is not a natal reading, but we get right into how the current conditions are affecting you, and how to deal with or respond to them.

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