Living Statue and Figure Modeling

These two art forms are, effectively for the performer, basically the same thing! The main difference is that one is clothed, and the other is nude. And, at least the way that I did it, as a statue the performer has more control over when they move, while a figure model is contracted to stay in place for a certain amount of time, They both entail remaining in the same physical position for unnaturally long lengths of time, though. The human body is meant to move, and to go against this instinct is what makes these practices so interesting. It’s very difficult and quite painful, and requires brute endurance and strength as well as extreme meditative control over the body and mind (not to mention a complete and utter lack of shame). I had to stop performing these arts, at least on any “scheduled” basis, because of the physical difficulties and effects on my body.

I am in progress of writing a book that goes into detail about the reality of, and my experiences with, being a figure model. Please stay tuned on my blog or social media for more news.

Please note that all drawings and paintings were created with myself as the model, by students at either Stony Brook University, Lamar Dodd College of Art, or Gallery North of Setauket NY; I did not create any of the visual artworks shown.

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