New Moon April 2020

Since the last time I’ve posted a blog here, I’ve experienced a major breakthrough in my astrological practice: I’ve begun reading in Heliocentric (Sun-Centered), in addition to Geocentric. I’m intending to share more about this method as time continues, but for now, we’ll just jump right in and look at both charts. Even though the lunar position isn’t relevant in Heliocentrics, it’s relevant here on Earth, and so, we still look at the Helio chart for that moment.

Geocentric Chart for New Moon April 2020
Heliocentric chart for New Moon April 2020

This forecast is for the entire planet Earth and is therefore very general. Each individual is affected in very different ways, based off of their own transits and progressions. I am working on installing a “service menu” where you can easily purchase readings for yourself very soon, but until then, the way to purchase a reading is by contacting me first.

On Earth, we have quite a chart. Many would interpret, on a surface level, a New Moon in Taurus as being a very good thing, as Moon is exalted in Taurus. In general, yes, this is true. However, there are quite a few indications that this will be a challenging Moon.

First, there is a (separating, waxing) fixed square with Saturn. This indicates the embodied experience of limitations, and we are just figuring out how to live with them. Remember Jan 12, 2020? That was a pretty important day geocentrically because that was when Sun, Saturn, and Pluto were at 22° Capricorn. Mercury was at 23°. It was a day within when China reported its first Coronavirus death. That was the beginning of this Sun-Saturn cycle. Now that we are having a New Moon at the Waxing Square of that arrangement, the implications of that cycle are beginning to really show.

The New Moon is at 3 Taurus. This is the first decan of Taurus and is associated in Thoth Tarot with the 5 of Coins, or “Worry.” Well, of course we have the Sun in this decan every year, and it’s up to you to look back into your memories to see if this week or so shows that experience for you. In this case, it supports the evidence of the Saturn square.

Sun/Moon are applying to a conjunction with Uranus. We want stability (Taurus) but this week and month we don’t feel very stable, because of Uranus. On the positive side, Uranus can bring flashes of insight, and help us to feel more connected with our God-self.

There is also a conjunction (by less than a degree of longitude) to fixed star Sheratan, the Horn of the Ram, of the nature of Mars and Saturn, which brings danger when “acting in a foolhardy way” (Ebertin). This placement reflects the uncertainties that many are having about their finances, and the importance of being cautious.

Before this Moon period is over, we’ll be entering 3 retrograde periods: Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. This indicates that a lot of what we’ve been living through for the past month or so will have to be re-evaluated. Our ways of relating to each other (Venus), our beliefs and government’s decisions (Jupiter), and our experience of death and disease (Saturn) will all be replayed. Of course, in Heliocentrics, there are no retrogrades at all.

Let’s move on to Helio, then. We’ll be mixing the two, so, bear with me.

Let’s look at Venus, as she rules the Taurus Moon. She shows a combination of generally stressful aspects in both perspectives. In the Helio chart we see that she is part of a t-square with Mars as the point. Chiron is also there. This arrangement brings stress and demands. There’s also a very tight and partile quincunx with Uranus in the Helio chart. The quincunx can bring health related issues, and with these planets, a disjunct in ability to relate to sudden happenings. On the positive side, it can inspire us to find creative solutions.

Venus in the Geocentric chart shows a 165° aspect with South Node, which indicates obsession with what we are being separated from, what is falling away. With South Node at the 0th degree of a Cardinal, this becomes even more important. Indeed, people’s lives have become defined by what they are losing, and by the separation being enforced on them by the higher order (Capricorn). This is the first New Moon since the worldwide “shelter in place” orders were enacted. As such, it’s really beginning to sink in now.

Venus in the Geo chart shows a waxing sesquisquare with Saturn and Pallas-Athena (not shown). This is a 3/8th arrangement. It brings unbalanced stress. People are not taking well to the orders of being in quarantine. Many are suffering quite significantly, and there doesn’t seem to be much reprieve.

She also shows an applying mutable waxing square with Neptune in the geo chart. What we want (and what we want is to socialize, per Gemini) is being acutely challenged by the Powers that Be that are dissolving access to what we want. Venus will go Rx about a week after perfecting this square.

Venus is also in an applying, waxing trine with Mars. There’s some grace here. People will be inspired to act in adventurous ways. It’s a good arrangement for sex, too. It’s highly likely that a lot of babies will be conceived this month, especially if the no-contact rules are lifted. People will be fucking like rabbits if that happens, like animals let to run free after being caged. Or, if not, then, people who live together will be inspired to do the deed. Be prepared for an onslaught of Aquarius babies next year. Apropos, with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happening in Aquarius this coming Winter Solstice.

Another indication that lovemaking will play into this month for a lot of people who are “losing their mind” is that the Asteroid Cupido is in conjunction with Pluto. I usually don’t read for this asteroid, but in such a close conjunction with Pluto, I had to. Cupido doesn’t necessarily mean “true love.” But it does draw lovers, and does create partnerships of the carnal variety. He represents the pure libido. We see Cupid at the top of the Lovers card, in Thoth signified by Gemini, representing Divine Union of Opposites.

Speaking of Opposites, we can see that in both charts, half of the chart is occupied, and the other empty, with a 30° exception for the Helio, marked by the Venus-Uranus quincunx.

The geo chart takes up the Winter Solstice to the Summer Solstice, or Capricorn to Cancer, showing us that we are dealing with the darker half of circumstances. In Helio, signs don’t matter as much (or at all, arguably), only within context of a Geocentric comparison. Nevertheless, it demonstrates that the system’s energies are very much focused on certain issues right now, and having to put others to the side. Both Leo and Virgo are empty as far as major bodies and points go. The desires of the individual are being shelved, as we can see in the performance and entertainment industries being severely compromised. How is Virgo being compromised? That’s interesting, because it would appear that we have become even more apt to want to nitpick our use of materials and information, but what is actually happening is that we are being forced to conduct triage, rather than come up with long-lasting systems of organization. It’s better to look at the Geo chart for this interpretation, and we see that the half of the chart that shows Cancer through Sagittarius (let’s call this half “Development”) is empty, but the half marked by Capricorn through Gemini (let’s call this half “Endings and Beginnings”) is full. Hmm.

In the last few entries on here I spent a lot of time talking about the Mercury-Neptune geocentric conjunction that lasted a while due to the Rx. We see that in geo this has passed, but in Helio, it’s still approaching. This is a valuable jumping-point into being able to really feel the Heliocentric perspective. Doesn’t it feel like things are confusing lately, and putting our feelings and experiences into words is difficult? In one way, it’s become easier. We’re not tongue-tied or anything. But, on a larger, more macro scale, we feel like nothing that we say or think is really taking root. Things are shifting too much. Lots of people are saying a lot of things, sure, but how much of it is proving to have sticking power? We’re finding that sometimes silence and surrender, contemplation, and not being so obsessed with having to converse, is better these days.

That’s all for now.


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