Jupiter-Pluto Initiation April 4, 2020

Astro Chart for the 1st Jupiter-Pluto initiation in 2020

Notice the numerology at work: 4/4/2020 at 22:44. 44222244. That time is of course for EDT time, but, NYC is a pretty fair “epicenter” right now, and it’s my time zone, so, this is what we have cast here. My school IAA sent out this link to an article and call for Meditators: URGENT CALL FOR 1 MILLION MEDITATORS TO LIBERATE AND RECLAIM OUR WORLD. If you are inclined to participate on any level, please do!!! The chart cast, this article, and the call for meditators is all the same moment.

This Jupiter-Pluto initiation is the first in a series of 3, thanks to Jupiter’s upcoming Retrograde! In fact, this entire year is going to be draaawwwwnnnnn ooouuuuttt because of all of the outer (outside of Earth) planets going retrograde pretty much all together. So, no, this stress on a global scale isn’t going to end anytime soon. Sorry y’all. Of course, things are changing all the time, and every person is affected in their own way, but, it won’t be until the Winter Solstice when we finally are able to collectively break through this mess. That is the “Great Conjunction” everyone’s talking about. We’ll still have a long way to go, but, still, a chapter ending. First comes the trauma and the tearing down (Jupiter-Pluto), then comes the realization that the structures are dead, and we must build new (Jupiter-Saturn).

Let’s stick with the moment in question.

We have a Yod with Jupiter-Pluto at the tip, and North Node and the Moon as the base. This is a major turning point for the world. This is key to the “stargate” referenced in the article. North Node is where Fate is leading us, and the Moon is how we feel. We can take a discerning approach to visualizing in detail (Virgo) how we want to create a safe world where we honor our Momma Gaia, and our Human Family (Cancer), and by the power of our Creativity, breach this Unknown and Seemingly Weird situation (quincunx), initiate ourselves into this New Cycle.

Making sense of what is happening now though is really not likely, due to a Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Pisces. Rather, we’re feeling emotions when we are trying to find logic, and feeling lost. This is of course an optimal time to meditate or pray, because Neptune rules all things spiritual. You may have great spiritual insight, and sure, talking things out is usually good if you have a safe situation for that, but, confusion will abound. That’s OK because we can be led by our emotions and fantasy right now. Fantasy can become reality.

Venus being in Gemini, ruled by Mercury who doesn’t know his ass from his elbow right now, is having a hard time with figuring out how to navigate relationships and money. On the plus side, it’s becoming easier and easier for people to realize the true meaning of the idea that “we are all one!” We’re all connected and this epidemic is teaching us that very thing. Let that sink in and set an intention for helping to create a world where we all are able and willing to live in a way that honors that.

We will be feeling very acutely a sense of anxiety, due to the semisextile (30°) between Chiron (pain, teacher) and Uranus (shocks, changes). It’ll “sink in” for a lot of people that what is happening is really affecting them. A lot of people will be a nervous wreck. The shift into the new Ju-Pl cycle is exacerbated by this aspect: we’re already feeling the lightning (Jupiter) and earthquake-caliber metaphysical thunder (Pluto). The stress may feel unbearable at times. Let it pass through. Uranus is in Taurus: ground, ground. Use grounding stones: I love holding Pyrite or Smokey Quartz in my right hand and just letting the energy flow right out into it. If you’re not into crystals, then, anything Iron-based works well. Or, a stick! Anything that comes from the Earth will return to it. Momma Gaia holds all of our pain and transmutes it. Breathe! Rub your feet (Pisces rules the feet).

Uranus, Moon, and South Node are in a Grand Trine here, also: We are much easier able to feel and respond (Moon) to the shock of the changes (Uranus) and how that all relates to the past that is falling behind us (South Node). We’ll know about what we want to get go of, because it has been hurting (Chiron and South Node have been in a square pretty much since COVID19 really hit hard). When we fear that we don’t have what we need to meet our personal needs in the short term (Chiron in Aries), it makes letting go of old ways (South Node in Capricorn) a key challenge: we know it must happen, but, it’s like being born out of an egg: we must wrestle through it. The Grand Trine makes it easier to feel into this whole process. The Moon-North Node sextile provides the opportunity to move forward, through the Yod-tip of beginning a new cycle of how we connect the ideas of Law and Power. The last time around, this conjunction was in Sag, so, more willing to try new things. This time, we have to take it very seriously. We have to consider the practical matters: what is actually possible? Capricorn gets a “stuffy old guard” stereotype, but, it doesn’t have to be that way, either. Capricorn actually is a Cardinal sign, the modality that brings changes. It also asks us to work with what we actually have. We have a world in peril: what can we do to save, monitor, ration, and grow more of what we have left? Pluto is tearing down what we thought we’d have forever. So, what will we do to take our Power back while remaining Wise and Cautious???

Venus in Trine to the Mars-Saturn conjunction brings Grace to the high tensions of the situation. Ruled by confused and emotional, escapist Piscean Mercury right now, this could prevent Big Decisionmakers from making any, well, Big Decisions that otherwise could be harsh and disastrous right now. Stuff like “the council can’t agree on a decision” sometimes is really annoying, but, sometimes is the saving grace.

Look at it this way, though… at least there’s nothing (as far as major bodies go) going on in Scorpio! LOL

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