A New Approach to Moon Phases, Honoring Hekate

Just tonight I had a bit of an insight about moon timing, and the division of Her cycle, during which I realized that we are already in the “dark moon” so to speak. This just came to me tonight. It’s pretty revolutionary if you ask me. If anyone else has come up with it before I would really like to know. But it came to me in a flash, out of nowhere, tonight.

Simply: Instead of dividing the Moon’s cycle by 8, or 4, which is how it has always been taught, my intuitive mind instead discovered a rhythm dividing it by 3. How did I come to this conclusion?

I was sort of in trance during this, so, the order of events is a bit off in my memory, but, at some point while holding my Moonstone and walking my Dog, a message came to me, directing me that it was very important that I take note of where the Moon was at that time. Sometimes I will notice a “shift” in energy and then check the horary chart of that moment (my astrology program shows the chart in real time), to take note if there is anything significant that just happened. Sometimes I will notice that the Ascendent just changed sign, or whatever. Well, as far as the Moon goes, when I got that flash, the moon was in a Waning Trine, to the degree, and within a few arc-minutes. In other words, an exact Waning Trine.

Again, in Astrology, both Traditional and “Modern” or Contemporary Astrology, the Moon’s cycle is measured in quarters, or eighths if you’re fancy. We look up and see no moon, then a half, then a full, then another half, and so our logical mind sees 4 (or 8). We don’t divide by the trine. Of course a Moon-Sun trine is always notable, especially because that is an Elemental Aspect (joining signs of the same element), but, it doesn’t have its own special teaching. Rather, it’s taught that there are 4 quarters, and 8 phases.

There is no “dark moon” phase. The Dark Moon is a magical construct, not an astrological one. What magicians/witches call Dark Moon is actually the Waning Crescent phase, and what magicians/witches call the New Moon is actually the Waning Crescent phase, roughly. Each phase lasts 3.5 days, so, we get to see a sliver usually before the Waning Crescent phase astrologically/mathematically begins. This is real nitty gritty, though. The point is, it’s done by even division of the circle, rather than odd, but, perhaps we should take a more feminine, “acknowledging the unseen” approach to Moon cycles. We can apply this to Tides, too. Rather than seeing it as a dichotomy, or bi-polar, (high, low), we see it as tri-polar (level, high, level, low, level…which also reflects the number 5, or the pentacle… which in astrology is the shape made by Venus’s synodic cycle….the feminine being subtle…).

So, with this new system, the Dark Moon would be extended, into an entire third of the Cycle. It would begin when the Moon, following her Fullness, is able to flow rays back and forth with the Sun (a Trine represents a shared flow of light beams). Because a Trine means that they are the same Element, the Lunar and Solar “get along.” There is a sense of “ease” with a Trine, whereas Squares, and Semisquares (factors 4 and 8) are inherently “challenging.” Lunar energy is changeable, soft, feminine… we should be using Trines to divide her cycle, not Squares.

So, the Moon-Sun conjunction (the “Dark Moon” or “New Moon phase” would be the beginning of the first phase. Then, the first Exact Elemental Trine would mark the Second phase. The exact Full Moon would take place in the middle of that phase. And then, we have the third and final phase, before beginning again.

I am going to add this to my practice now, as a way of working with Hekate, honoring her as the Triple Goddess. These ideas have been conflated into Wicca, but, Hekate as she is represented in Ancient Greece actually does have 3 faces, which is a legitimate traditional claim to the use of 3.

There is a lot of misinformation around about who Hekate is:

As the the Solar Gods rose to power, Hekate became increasingly demonized, until the Middle Ages reduced her to a parody of an evil crone. The Christian Church, & those it serves, always feared Her, for She has power they cannot comprehend. Hekate is an ancient deities from a primordial time before the Olympians & the Solar gods of the patriarchs.

Today there are several views of Hekate. Most people who know the name think of a version of the ‘evil crone’ Hekate, possibly with a few extra details tagged on from Shakespeare’s famous representation of Her in Macbeth. Pagans usually adopt a revised view: Hekate is a dark and terrifying Goddess of death, but that’s OK. Those who get a buzz from this Gothic image of Hekate even think it’s ‘cool’. But the perception remains the same: Hekate hangs around in graveyards on dark nights with a pack of baying hounds looking for lost souls.

From “Who is Hekate?” published in Pagan Dawn Magazine

So, if you want to learn more about her, read the linked article, then continue from there! Hekate Covenant is a good place to start.

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