2020/01/10 Lunar Eclipse at 20° Cancer

I had originally spent a few hours on another piece going over the next few days, and had to trash it once I realized that in my haste and excitement over the Mercury Cazimi and “triple conjunction pileup” I had totally missed the most important thing of all: the eclipse. Talk about seeing the trees but not the forest, huh?

Let’s take a “just the facts ma’am” approach to this. Chart is cast in Aries=0 so that any time zone can view it. in EST it will be at 2:21PM. What’s with all of these 2s and 1s? Yeah, that doesn’t mean anything…

Astrological wheel chart for the Lunar Eclipse on Jan 10 2020

There is so much going on here: at least 4 factors that even by themselves are Notable, including the Eclipse itself. Oy vey. We’re going to go through Some Portal Indeed that day, I do declare.

So, we have the Full Moon, which is also a Lunar Eclipse. We had the associated Solar New Moon Eclipse two weeks ago. I don’t know about you, but, things have really been kind of crazy since then, huh? This one is going to knock everyone’s socks off. Sorry. There are just too many Really Important Alignments happening for it not to.

  1. Mercury Cazimi: This is a phenomenon that I am quite fond of and have written about before (see my category of the same name). Cazimi is “the heart of the sun.” It is when any planet is within 17′ (less than 1/3 of a degree) from the exact center point of the sun. This is very literally the “eye of the storm.” At all other times when a planet is close to the sun (within about 7°) it is considered Combust, or Burnt, which basically means that the Sun’s rays so totally overpower the rays of the Planet, that the Planet is effectively useless. During the Cazimi time, though, the planet is like an arrow being propelled by the Sun’s rays. Here, Mercury is Cazimi during the eclipse. There has been a LOT of talk lately but no one has been getting heard, really…that’s Mercury in Combust. Seems that Decisions, Declarations, Necessary Communications will happen during the Cazimi. The screaming that people will be doing will finally get through. However, whether this will be “good” or “bad,” well, we’ll have to find out. Eclipses are Remarkably Unpredictable. We are not supposed to cast magic on an eclipse, make any important decisions, etc. This all happening together makes for a Wild Card with a Capital Wild.
  2. Saturn conjunct to Pluto: Hard to believe it considering all of the difficult alignments that are coming up in the upcoming months, but this is only happening once. But, it’s happening now! All of the talk around the Great Conjunction focuses a lot on how Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are coming together this year. And, yeah, it’s going to be a doozy. However, when that happens, it will be Jupiter and Saturn making the Perfect conjunction, while Pluto, because he is so slow, will be still back there a bit. Saturn and Pluto making the conjunction now, on the eclipse before the Big Event (which I mark as the Vernal Equinox coming that preceeds the Great Conjunction, but, I can’t get into that now), is a “Harbinger” and is yet another domino-blow. How can we see this in the news? Well, for one, the Prime Minister of Australia still has not appealed to the other world leaders for help, and his people very literally have nowhere to go except into the water. What the fuck??? And over here on Turtle Island, Trump is waving his “wand” and making all sorts of threats and following through on some of them while it is easy to see that his “enemies” really fucking hate everything about the USA and have absolutely no qualms with having no mercy or hesitation whatsoever to destroy, even at their own expense. The Funeral for the Iranian General that was killed by US Government Order was the largest funeral ever. Like, ever. Just look at the videos and how dozens of attendees died there. Both are Classic Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn: those who are in “power” are clutching onto it with an iron fist, refusing to budge. This Hard Line Till We Die is coming to a head right now, and at this eclipse. It’s applying at the moment of the eclipse, and perfects the next day, but, it’s partile, and thus can be read as exact.
  3. Jupiter conjunct to South Node: This is exact 2 days before the eclipse, but it is still partile. Jeebus, what are the chances of all of this?? Anyway, here we have Jupiter, which expands whatever it touches, and anyway in its own right represents Beliefs and Justice. South Node represents our “muck,” what must be released, held emotions, etc. It is the Dragon’s Tail (or, better put, the Dragon’s Asshole). It is What No Longer Works and From Where We Are Coming. More optimistic types will say that there is a “gift” in the South Node. If you want to see it that way, then, perhaps the gift here is that we are being shown very clearly what happens when we let ourselves get stuck in this way. So, Jupiter is highlighting all of the “Shit” that we are collectively hold on to and must let go. But, with both the Saturn-Pluto team and South Node in Capricorn, well, there’s not much letting go. More like our awareness of what we should be letting go of is being made Glaringly Obvious. Stuff like Dependency on Fossil Fuels, Hierarchical Power Structures, and Bureaucracy instead of Care. I remember a while back when an ex-boyfriend was really into the whole Bohemian Grove conspiracy and he showed me a leaked video of one of their “secret meetings” where they were chanting “no care, no care….” Well, they don’t care. That is certainly obvious. Jupiter highlights that here, with an emphasis on What Is (Un)Fair and what no longer works.
  4. Mars Semisquare Sun with a 0°0 orb (see below)
  5. Uranus making zir Direct Station. I originally forgot to address this, and am editing it. My friend jbuss writes, ” We could easily argue that the Main Event here isn’t so much the dreaded 12 January 2020 Saturn-Pluto Merger (The Most Important Thing is our Transformation), but the 10 January Station of Uranus/Soul as it recruits the Power of Saturn-Pluto to support its Descent into Matter (Uranus in Taurus).  In other words, the Reanimation of the Planet and Nature, which is the Most Important Thing we can do to turn around the Neo-Atlantean Self-Destructiveness of Egoic Humans. …. The Eclipse, while it’s near the Degree of Saturn-Pluto, occurs on the day of the Uranus Station.  Which is also the day of the Eris Station, which Reveals That Which Has Been Denied.  Westerners interpret the Descent of Soul into Matter through their training as Christians, but Everything has Consciousness, and just about everything here except Hupers wear their Consciousness Responsibly.” I encourage you to read the article referenced here.

In Traditional Astrology, Mercury is changeable, which means that he/she/zir becomes either “benefic” or “malefic” depending on who it’s with. In this case, Mercury is in a malefic state, being in conjunction with Saturn. We can read all of these conjunctions separately, but, look at how close they are. That is actually a Sun-Mercury-Saturn-Pluto stellium, and Jupiter too if you give a wide orb (and in this case, why the hell not). Mercury being Cazimi, and all opposite the Moon, basically shows that the Power Structures have the Power of Word on their side, while all of our Feelings, which are especially situated around the Need for Security and Nurturing because the Moon is in Cancer, are up against all of the Clutching Fists. The cries for help will be getting louder. The Needs are not abating. The Governments don’t care. People feel abandoned, left alone. If you are not in a dire situation right now, which is probably the case if you are reading this, this will affect you in such a way where the only way to get what you need will be Self-Care. The collective thoughts and conversations in general will either be about maintaining the status quo, or tearing it down, but, we are going to want our Mommies, is what it comes down to. Let’s meditate and nurture ourselves, and create the feeling of Peace that we Need, even if we feel that we can’t. Even a 5th of a second Flash of Peace is enough to create a New Neuron. Repeat a few times, and we have a New Habit. Moon sharing space with North Node in Cancer means that we feel deep inside that we know that we have to move in the direction of Nurturing Ourselves and Caring for and Protecting our Mother (Earth). Will we be able to accomplish this? Well, that’s up to each individual. Are you willing to go inside your feelings and trust them, intrinsically, no matter what other people say, or what (apparent) limitations and power structures are against you? No matter whether it seems like our Past is Inescapable? It isn’t…we’re always moving forward. Trust, surrender. Cancer is about Isolation. This Eclipse would be a really good time to reduce your exposure to all of this Shit as much as you can. Take care of your Feelings. No one else is going to do it for you, not with this arrangement, unless they really fucking love you.

Uranus still squaring Capricorn from Taurus continues the trend of unpredictable and stressful changes having to do with Earth matters.

We have Venus and Mars in both flanking the Capricorn pileup by a semisextile (12th harmonic “pattern breaking” or “projection”) to one part of the pileup or another, but they have no aspect between them. Mars is actually in an exact (0°0) semisquare to the Sun. Wow. We can read that as representing “two sides” of the Great Battle that we are entering:

  1. Venus, representing the desire for relationship, in Aquarius, pursuing progress as far as Giving A Shit About Humanity. But because Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, and we see what Saturn is doing right now, Venus is probably not going to achieve what she really wants, which is Everyone Getting Along.
  2. Mars, representing Boldness and Fighting Spirit, in Sag, feeling Notably Zealous, putting extreme pressure on our Being (Sun). The Semisquare Demands Change by introducing Major Obstacles that Must Be Addressed. A square creates a challenge that you can’t really trip over because it’s broader and harder to miss as it approaches, but a Semisquare you won’t notice until it clocks you across the Face. That’s what Mars is doing to Sun here. And because it’s Mars, the Aggravation is more likely to be Nasty than it is Nice.

Yeah, the two sides aren’t going to be understanding each other anytime soon.

This Eclipse chart blossoms and resonates for the next 6 months.

The Vernal Equinox is a Major Major Date because that is when, in addition to what the Vernal already is (Sun’s ingress into Aries, marking the New Year), that’s when Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto come together, with Saturn at the Anaretic degree (see my last post) of Capricorn, before going into Aqu, then back into Cap again to prepare for the Great Conjunction in December.

When people are saying that these are the End Times, well, you decide. This is meant to be a straightforward forecast, where I stick to the astrology, so I may write more about this later, but, my Fellows have been having dreams and visions about how dire what is happening is. The Great Battle is underway and it is only beginning. We will all have to step up. Anyone who does not act in accordance with Divine Will, but instead chooses to “ostrich” and deny the Reality will almost certainly perish. These are times that require such immense fearlessness, such immense faith, that we will all have to find levels of strength that we did not know before. This does NOT mean running around screaming…

It actually means breathing more slowly, finding peace in the heart, and healing from the inside out, conserving energy, and dreaming as much love into the world as possible….and being as POSITIVE as possible: creating, singing, being Joyful. For a long time I had this website down because all of what has been happening was getting me so Down, and I didn’t feel like I had anything to share, but then I realized, wait…I have a LIFE to live here. This is exactly the right time to tap into what really makes you joyful. That is the only way that we are going to survive!!! We need all Warriors on deck, all Wizards taking up their wands, freak flags flying. This is the time to take it all Very Seriously, yes, but We must have a sense of humor too, and celebrate our Innocence, and Be the Change we Want to See! If we can’t do that, who is going to do it??? Now is the time to be Kind to your Loved Ones, say Thank You, and appreciate everything you have. Meditate if you can (there is a critical mass of the square root of 1% that is proven to cease fighting in a population: see the World Peace Project. WOW). The time is Now!!! Love is the answer. Trust your feelings. No more hiding. If you haven’t listened to your Inner Voice before, now is the time. Do what makes you happy, and don’t stop. Follow your excitement, chase your bliss, embrace your creativity because it is all you have!!! In Divine Timing and by Divine Will, truth and Unity will prevail. We will have our World back, when we get through this travail. Peace to you all.


  1. I am also a relative newbie, but I’d probably have to be dead not to feel the impact of all that is happening (and may even then!)! The moon on my drive in to work this morning was glorious and felt like it was sitting on top of my head. Anyway. I love your writing style….I find it very relatable (including the swearing! I love to swear and I like people who use swear words as part of conversation lol)….and I really enjoyed this post. Even the parts that went way over my head. I’ll be following your writing <3

  2. Phew. A lot of data there that I don’t fully comprehend, I’m just a broad brushstrokes amateur working with planets, signs and major aspects. However, neat synchronicity for me this morning on reading this post. A second hand book in the post, currently sitting beside me: “Celebrating Times of Change.” Haha! Well then, yeah, I’m going to take this advice. Sing, dance, create, be joyful (and get your shit together). R x

    • The key is the 3 Partile (same degree) conjunctions, that are also together as one huge Stellium (conjunction of many), and Mercury being in the Heart of the Sun. As far as Numerology goes, well, this is a biggie. 1, 2, 21, 20, 21, and 8. For a silly visualization, Imagine a room full of dancers, and all of a sudden 6 of them get together and do “square dance” for a round, while one kid across the room who just a minute ago was crying because his mom has temporarily dematerialized says “WOW!!!!!”, and at that same moment, a portal opens up, and the room changes. That’s what it is, in a cartoon version!

    • My goal here is to “slip the knowledge in” while teaching the complex stuff as best as I can, so as to illuminate keys that readers will need to navigate their own maps, and the event maps to come. Ways of Seeing rather than just the Forecast. Trying to give fish and teach fishing at the same time, I know… this is not a Beginner’s Class…”grab your sack lunch and take a seat, swearing allowed, but bring a towel if you’re skyclad (unless we’re outside)” is my syllabus LOL

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