This Sun conj Mars: “Fleeting Fire,” and my Bizarro Life

I think that this past weekend’s trip was the shortest I’ve taken in years. I expected it to be unusually short at a week and a half, being that I have a modeling gig next week that is “forcing” me to be close to my legal residence at that time, but, I ended up cutting it short. I never really know when I am going to have to move, in any direction, until my inner voice tells me to. I realized it was time to head back very literally when, after spending the day reading Robert Anton Wilson in parking lots (after working all weekend without much rest), I turned the car on to head in that direction. So, the swift nature of this most recent jaunt (I was able to take and publish a few photos from it on my instagram of my walk across the Hudson) was very much in line with the Sun conj Mars, an aspect that only happens once every two years. Incidentally it’s also something that I was born with natally, though, separating, and at a wide orb of 6°, which together would not even be acknowledged by some astrologers. However, in my case, the midpoint between the two for me is exactly (as in, to the arcminute) opposite my Jupiter. This makes that conjunction for me much more notable than it would be otherwise. Anyway, for the first time since I began my formal astrological studies, I was able to witness the actual mundane effects of Sun conj Mars (well, I was able to the last time around, also, but I wasn’t as aware of the cycles then, and didn’t catch on until this revolution). And, Bloody Fucking Mary. It’s intense.

There were two major incidents that I witnessed, uncanny to the aspect.

The first is upsetting. I already wrote about it, a project that took a few hours, but my writing was deleted, and I only discovered this by going to the Google Maps entry for the restaurant that I visited to link it. I have no idea who called for it to be deleted. I guess I should have figured that speaking the truth about what I saw was going to upset someone. I wanted to write just a review of really good food, but, what I saw forced me to elaborate on my review, which put me in a position as Bringer of Bad News and Intersectional Commentator. Well, as it goes, whoever needed to see it, saw it, and whoever didn’t, never will. Definitely a lesson in “some people will love you, some will hate you, and others won’t give a shit.” Apparently, someone hates me. Oh well. I’ll just keep on truckin’.

I won’t name the restaurant, or the nationality of it, now that it’s besides the point, and to protect them from association with a violent tragedy and out of context commentary on racial issues: now that my original writing is gone forever, it’s moot. But, it was a restaurant in Newburgh NY, deep in the ‘hood. I found it through, who I have been using for years for discounted dining. The restaurant was fine, in fact, very good, for service and food. I spent at least 20 minutes within view of the restaurant, then pulled around the corner to eat in the car, and never felt unsafe. I had two short conversations with other visitors, who shouted out to me to ask me questions about parking, and both times, I said the same thing: “sorry, I have no idea; I’m not from around here.” After I spent about an hour in the area, I departed, and on my way out of the neighborhood, saw a man (Black) face down in the gutter, body laid out perpendicular on the sidewalk. His face was very literally looking down the storm drain. He was not moving. I did not see any blood. Passerby did not look alarmed. It was surreal and horrifying. I still haven’t fully processed it, and it was on Saturday, two days ago. The surreal nature of the scene, with no-one paying attention to him, was what made it even worse, besides the obvious of what appeared to be a dead man’s body. It was very disturbing.

I was determined to complete my self-imposed task of reviewing the restaurant that I visited, but I could not do so without writing also about the environment and neighborhood, and what I saw…which, again, I guess someone flagged, or something. Censors are alive and well, and now, everyone can be a censor! Only fake news allowed, folks!!!

I had also included information in the review about how the Sun-conj-Mars aspect corresponded with the Public Deadly Violence of the man in the gutter.

Then, tonight, I pull back up to my Mom’s house, after driving straight down through the City from the White Plains area. I get out of the car, look up, and I see that the neighbor 2 houses down has a fire going on their house. Literally, where the electrical wire meets the top of their house was keeping a flame going. I ran to the door and yelled a few times, “There’s a fire on your house!!!” An entire family with kids, some of the kids holding other kids, came outside after the third try. Eventually 3 fire trucks came down. Before the firemen came, the family was talking about using the hose. I am so glad that I was there (with my years of fire performance experience and all) not only to see it and alarm them, but to let them know NOT to use water on an electrical fire. It makes sense that in a crisis people would forget that. But then I remember also that most laypeople don’t really deal with fire anymore. We are so separate from it in our modern day society that unless a person elects to be trained, or self-train, in fire, they probably have no idea of fire protocol. “Stop Drop and Roll” is likely the extent of most people’s fire safety awareness. If they would have hosed it, it could have started a huge issue. And, what the hell… I just pull up after 3 days and 3 nights away, to call out that fire and be safety until the firemen arrive? What sort of life am I living? I seriously have no answers. All I know is that I am taking instructions from a higher order. I’ve separated myself so well from the slavery mindset that I really do find myself in the right place and right time, all the time. Weirdness follows me everywhere. That’s what a natal partile Sun-Uranus Fire trine will do to you… forever.

As I was driving back, a few times, I asked myself, “hmm, I wonder why I’m headed back before I intended to? Well, at least I’ll have housing comforts until I have to leave again.” I had my answer before I even made it in the house. I was scheduled to call out a tiny electrical fire after the neighborhood was already in bed.

All of this stuff is ordained. I just catch more of it because I [do my best to] pay attention, think for myself, trust my intuition, and follow my own path…and oh yeah, I study synchronicity as a lifestyle.

And that’s a partile Sun-Mars conjunction in Virgo, separating, in the 4th house for you.

Electrical Fire outside of the Neighbor’s house, on the wire

The Virgo was a mitigating factor: the fire was a “small detail” rather than a huge wildfire (same thing with the dead man: a “small detail” in a scene of passerby, as opposed to a wild street fight, which would have been more of a fire sign correspondence), where no-one got hurt (in the case of the fire, not the ‘hood scene…), and no real damage was done. The most conservative of dangerous fires. Interesting that Moon had just entered Scorpio, a Mars-ruled sign and was inconjunct to the Ascendant: the family (Moon) could not see the fire, and had no idea that it was there. I was in an interesting position because though I am a neighbor, I was not stationed in the neighborhood at the time of the fire, but rather, had just arrived and was transitioning from the Travel timeline to the House timeline: it was only between these timelines that the fire could be seen. As far as where that is in the chart, well, let’s see.

Who saw it in public? We look to the MC: Aquarius, a Saturn Ruled sign, in the 9th. The MC is in a partile quincunx to Mercury, who is part of the Virgo stellium in the 4th: the family/household could not see what was happening in public view to their own house. Who saw it? Well, the 9th is associated with travelers and journeys: a traveler saw it, though that traveler was also a neighbor, with shared resources, namely, the electrical wires. Note the wide grand trine joining Uranus (electricity), Mars (fire), and Saturn. Uranus is also in a separating square from the MC: the fire had probably been going for a little bit. But, again, no one saw it, because of the inconjuncts between Mercury, Mars, and Sun and the MC, and also between Moon and the Asc. So, all inner bodies and both luminaries and the two vital angles couldn’t see each other.

Saturn is also exactly conjuct to the Mean South Node by 30’. Granted, that’s been going on for a while.

We see the Moon in quintile to Saturn, though. Quintiles have to do with creativity and destruction. Moon being applying opposite to Uranus, this does correspond: Mars-ruled Moon reflecting and creating (5th) fire because of energy created by electricity. Destructive possibilities (quintile) mitigated by the suppression and drainage/elimination power of the South Node and Saturn together.

It also happens that that Moon is less than a degree away from, and applying to, my natal Pluto. So, of course I was the one to see it, and take control of the situation, at least until the family was able to call 911, and be informed not to use water…

There’s a lot of stuff going on in this chart, but, the point isn’t to delineate the whole thing, rather, to just gloss the surface.

Glad this Sun-Mars situation is fading. It’s “too hot to handle.” It’ll take a few days, more like a week to really slow down due to Moon’s position in Scorpio for another 2 days, but, at least we’re out of the hottest part.


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