Sometimes, it is better to say nothing, but… the Amazon Rainforest is on fire.

And yet, saying nothing accomplishes just that: nothing.

How do we stay hopeful for our individual lives when we are, very literally, actually technically, on a path to annihilation? We’ve been talking about the ice caps melting and temperatures rising and our water supply being poisoned by industry for a while, but now that the Amazon RAINforest on FIRE (nothing to see here folks), I see, witnessing myself, that it makes sense how people can be so nonreactive when the ship is falling apart underneath us. Unless something is actually affecting a body’s “here and now,” it’s very difficult for the brain to process it as real. It’s either real, or a story… until it’s real.

Greta Thunberg, Warrior Queen, is sailing to New York right now. Newsflash, folks: the “Zero Carbon Boat” thing is not the point. I keep seeing all these articles talking about how inspiring it is, or on the other hand, how it won’t make a difference. The emissions thing isn’t the point, besides that she is being totally true to her talk (can’t say that much for me, even).

THIS IS WHY she’s traveling by boat. Read this and remember it, because it is KEY, and because understanding these tactics are necessary. This is how you think like a Queen:

She’s traveling by boat to hone in, secure, isolate, and prepare for War the Old Fashioned Way: in a bunker, living rough as hell, getting ready to kick some tail. And on a boat… not sure if any of you have been on the High Seas, but I took a half-day fishing trip once and got really sick. Anyone that tries to fuck with OG when she lands is going to be exposed and nailed like the Emperor on a Sunday.

You don’t prepare for War on a fucking plane: you can jump to battle in a plane, certainly, but you don’t PREPARE for WAR on a plane. Ever hear of the term “slow crescendo?” This is not going to be a quick one-off. She’s preparing for the End Times. It’s like this: picture a wave form growing. She’s gathering all of the energy rising in the Oceans right now and is going to spit it right out at all of you, you who “call the shots.” You don’t even know. Be prepared to be terrified. I looked into that girl’s eyes in the photos and I almost dropped dead. Watch out. I’m pretty sure whoever is inside Greta waited millions of years for this. I’m pretty sure she’s channeling the spirits of the very Ancestors we’re burning. She’s pissed.

Remember, this is an autistic child who couldn’t speak for years. That’s how important her words are. I know how that is: I was mostly nonverbal during much of my childhood, too. When the world refuses to understand, eventually you stop talking… until the world forces you to talk. And holy smoke is she talking.

It’s mostly going to happen behind closed doors. Private hearings and such. But there will be public debates, too, and her opponents will take advantage of that. It’ll be tiring for her. Thank goodness she’s a child: she’ll be obligated by law to rest more, and so will be much more effective than any adult that would work tirelessly.

Greta is leveling up in HUGE steps right now. I can see her: she’s growing like the Hulk. People better watch the fuck out, because when she steps onto this soil, it’s going to shake. Have you seen her face????? I’ve never seen anyone look as serious as her in the recent photos from before the beginning of the voyage. Not in real life, not in movies, not in nothin’. That’s the face of someone who is pulling out every stop, by herself, including the ones that were taped down and covered during the Last Pope. This is some First Slayer shit happening, right here, advancing on NYC, right now. I’d been feeling really sorry for myself that I still am gravitating to this place, NY Metro, but remembering what’s coming, well… this is the place to be, right now.

When I first read that she was on the way, last week, it HIT me. This is some serious shit. We are going to have to RISE UP. Teenage girl with Autism is going to lead the Army. Fuck it, I was hoping for that role, but goddamn, that bitch is fierce. Greta, open letter to you: whatever you need, if I can do it, I’m at your beck and call. I’ll even wash your chamberpot. Don’t even get me started. You have thousands and thousands of Warriors here waiting to get behind you. Let’s do this. Let’s raise the Dead and make this shit RIGHT.

No planning necessary. When the time is right, we will all have to fight. We are being prepared for what is going to be the “make it or break it” of our survival. WE ARE ALL ONE. And many people are going to have to wake up to that fact, and deal, fast and hard, if they are even going to have a chance at survival.

These past few days I spent a lot of time feeling sorry for myself for personal reasons, but as I cried outside while walking my dog and wiped my eyes, I remembered what Tori Amos sang: “you don’t know the power that you have with that tear in your hand.” And I thought about “white tears.” Fuck it, then: if my white tears have so much power, then please let them water the ground so that our trees can grow back. If the prophecies are true, then that means we’re going to be doing a lot-o-cryin’. Let’s get those Black Tears, Red Tears, and Yellow Tears flowing, too. I’m not afraid to cry, piss, shit, and bleed brown blood onto my Mother: are you?!?! Get the fuck out of here, creep!!! You’re not welcome here!!! Call to arms?!?!? I’ll race you to the finish line, blah blah blah. If you are willing to wail, then try me. Otherwise, make your own tears, and then mend them while you’re at it, and get back to me.

Remember this: we may not be telling you the whole story. What right do you have to the stories behind my tears? Ever hear of a “white lie?” We ain’t crying for cookies, that’s fur sure (unless they’re white chocolate chip macadamia… a vice, gotta have at least one, you know). Hear this: the vast majority of us don’t even remember. Can you imagine??? Ever block out a bad childhood period? Ever block out an entire ancestral line??? What do I know, though? I don’t even remember…

Please, Goddess, foster and nurture these Miracle Seeds, and I’ll pour every sorrow, every brunt, and every color, and water them. Is that what you want from me? Is that why you’ve been training me, and making me strong, forcing me to fight? So that when it’s time to let it out, I can make it right?

If you want to see a woman wail, that’s me. All you have to do is visit Rainbow Ocala, and ask them about V.

It is my belief (not knowing – some things are knowings – this belief involves hope, because I haven’t seen results yet) that our collective consciousness can actually change these realities. Just do a little research on the Mandela Effect and you’ll find that collective reality IS malleable. Now that the Earth’s population is united by webs like the Internet, we actually can get on the same page, and reverse this. Or, we can’t live here anymore.

Some schools of thought say that we have gone through this many times before. Whether this is true or not, it really isn’t relevant. Either way, we really, really should mend this shit.

Who’s with me?


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