Hermes Holding Things Up at the Heart of the Sun! Mercury Rx Cazimi in Cancer exact 7/21/19, plus, transiting Moon creates powerful Franken-Yod NOW!

Screen Shot 2019-07-21 at 9.07.00 AM


So, this is exact as I am writing this. So, that means I missed the first half of this Cazimi. And very characteristic for me to do that with this chart, too. Especially with the Moon being exact to Neptune in Pisces this morning too. Of all times to just be completely unaware of actual real happenings, this is, like, totally ideal, man. In fact, I pre-elected to NOT have to travel or do much of anything responsible until this Moon moves into Aries on Monday. I even put myself into debt to do that. The Mercury Cazimi is its own thing, but golly, this Pisces Neptune Waning Moon is the perfect time to “tune in” or “drop out” or “whatever” depending on how you look at it, and although usually this would chafe Saturn’s hide, there is a nice sextile there that, somehow, makes this lala land just the right thing to activate and please Saturn: not because it’s lala land, but because the healing accomplished by it is so profound. Take a look at that franken-yod there.


Yes, that is a yod with one side as a double bi-quintile, and one side as a double quincunx. As it turns out, a biquintile (144) and a quincunx (150) are only 6 degrees apart. If the sextile is extended because of how the stelliums affect the orbs, then we actually can have a yod with two different angles for the slopes. If you’re a wild child like me, anyway.

The quincunx side (Juno and Mars to Saturn/SN and Pluto) is supported by a quadnovile in line with it as well. This brings Pluto into the pattern.

The biquintile side (Juno and Mars to Moon and Neptune) will only be strong for another couple of hours. It’s a nice little window for intense emotional or spiritual self care that normally you would not carve time out for. Now is the time!

So, as this Moon is separating (the yod still sort of exists without it, but Neptune by itself can’t carry a pattern like that with conjunctions and stelliums at the other points, not for our purposes anyway), the Mercury Cazimi is also separating. In fact, these are both really time sensitive transits. Normally a Mercury Cazimi lasts a lot longer, because Mercury travels with the Sun until it passes by, but here, Mercury is moving the other way apparently, so the cazimi itself is much quicker. We’re not looking to implement right now, though, not with an Rx. This is just for review. What were you doing, or rather, where was your mind and/or ears and/or hands at around June 24-25? That’s where Mercury was, then, and is backing up again over now.  We are being shown, by the Sun, a re-imaging, in reverse. Are we satisfied with how we created a sense of mental self-security for ourselves based on what we did and said and thought up, then? What our mind is conjuring for us in the Now, NOW, is what we “magicked” up, then. Mercury is the Magician. Hermes and Thoth are other correspondences. The messenger! Just observe. Mercury Rx is a time for rewinding, not setting new goals. The fastest moving planet is affected most profoundly by slowness and reverse. Just watch, over the next few hours, especially in the area of your chart where late Cancer is. For me, it’s the 12th House. I’m in isolation in a hotel room until Monday. Perfect!!!

We’ll see this degree via Mercury again once more this cycle, on August 10, when it’ll be even faster that time. The lesson for me here, is, to dwell on transiting moments for too long is a fool’s game: some things are only worth a passing note, and to elaborate further, would take away from the actual lived experience. I am going to live the Bejeezus out of the next few hours. I know that, anyway.

I’ll say this, though…look at Pallas-Athena there, almost guarding the situation, keeping it all in line. Vesta in strong trine to the “black pit” in Capricorn creates a safe and sacred space for doing “what must be done.”



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