Reflections of this Moon’s North Nodal Crossing, Opposing Saturn and Pluto, May 2019

Originally posted on twitter.

The Moon’s nodal axis is like a pair of portals at either end of the opposition. Eclipses activate the portals, which is why we tend to go through transformations and unpredictable twists with eclipses, especially if they are astrologically notable. But, even when there are notable transits to the nodal axis do we experience the sort of glimpse into the Truth of reality As We Can See It in a Dualistic Universe. Today the Moon traversed it at the North node, with Saturn and Pluto on the other side, an arrangement that had us intiutively feeling our deep source of power much more. I’ve been seeing others referencing how “masks are falling off.” Indeed, things got “real” today in a way that is way more illuminated than yesterday. We were able to see into the crevice to what is going on at the other end of all of the deep changes happening in our experience. In two weeks we’ll be able to see the root of it all. Then, the Nodal axis separates from the Saturn/Pluto shared space, snd with that, takes away our ability to glimpse into the seeds of the Great Conjunction. So, the information that was gathered today, and that will be gathered in two weeks when the Moon crosses over the South Node’s degree, will point to the sort of dynamics that we’ll be dealing with in a much more developed capacity come this October through Beltane of 2020. So, if you stood up for yourself today, or felt like you had a breakthrough, you are on the right track. Today, we learned that fulfilling our need for nurturance and emotional well-being is The Primo Most Important Thing. When the Moon shows us from the other side, though, we may not need as much emotioal reassurance as we did today. It may be more of a Surrender to God rather than Surrender to Feeling. We’ll see.


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