My new approach to self-scheduling, based on the Moon’s sign and which of my natal houses She’s moving through

Lately, I have been giving more attention to the Moon’s cycle: which sign it’s passing through, and where in my chart this is activating. A bit over a month ago I was seriously and strongly encouraged by Dianna Fontes of AstroArtistry (she is great, btw- I highly recommend checking out her hand-drawn charts and social media, and consulting with her if you connect with her work – she writes and gives great advice, is super talented, and is really emotionally invested in her offerings) to make this a vital part of my self-scheduling. This habit had been developing slowly, because, well, all good habits take a while to set-in. I had not been doing very well with it. I had been working better with the waxing and waning cycle, but aside from a few signs that really stand out for me, I wasn’t on the ball yet. Yet, today, I had a breakthrough – a big one – a HUGE shift.

I’ve been doing “gig apps” for my monetary income for over a year now. There are a lot of things I don’t like about this – for one, that I am participating in the wasteful and destructive consumerist and fossil fuel industries, for another, it puts me away from my dog, which I feel extremely guilty about (though I like being able to pay for her food and health insurance, so…) and for another, that it is extremely high-stress, and another, that the companies totally take advantage of us “independent contractors” (which is really just them getting away with legal loopholes to pay us less money and get away with not giving benefits, etc). It’s not meant to be a sole source of income, anyway. One of the things that keeps me going on it is that I often deliver to people who otherwise would not be able to get out much or at all: disabled folk, elderly, parents with young children… I even delivered once to a Mom with young children who didn’t drive. Around these parts, that’s a severe hinderance. So, I am helping people who probably don’t have anyone else local to do this very necessary task for them. But, the “real life supermarket sweep with the addition of multiple cell phone app steps for every item and step of the way” along with the driving and delivering and driving back again all over the place can often activate very high stress levels that sometimes take days to recover from. Most days I get through it fine. But today just felt so rattling. It just felt SO WRONG for me to be working today. I just wanted to be home and cuddling with my dog, or reading or writing, or just being in my private space, in whatever way. I felt especially guilty about my Dog and was having thoughts about how bad of a Dog Mom I am for being away from her when I know she gets lonely. The actual events of the job weren’t THAT bad – there have been worse – although one of the batches was so huge and heavy that it took up more room in my car than any other batch had before… but on another day it wouldn’t have affected me that much. I just felt super emotionally exposed, and being in a public zone was painful. As I also describe at the end of this article, my crown chakra was in bad shape – even though I was covering my hair – the top of my head was swollen and painful – even so much that even touching my hair hurt – as though I had been hit over the head with a 2×4 – but I have not had any impact injury on that area of my head in a VERY long time – I can’t even remember when. I was wondering, “why is today affecting me this way? last Friday I worked 9 hours and it felt great”

I realized, then, OH YEAH. The moon is in Cancer. This is a time for connecting with my family and nurturing myself and my immediate dependents, not for running around like a chicken. Whereas last week, the Moon was in Aries – giving me a lot of energy to go-go-go. And when I take my houses into account too – Aries being my 9th or 10th house (the 9th of higher knowledge and beliefs doesn’t really correspond well, but 10th of what I contribute to the world does), this makes good sense. Cancer being my 12th house of isolation, though, well, today was a REALLY bad day to choose to work a high-stress out-in-the-world job that had me zooming from one place to another, picking up all sorts of energy fields, and pushing heavy carts from one end of the warehouse store to the other over and over, trying to organize heavy and bulky boxes into other boxes on a flat lumber cart while holding and operating an app at the same time… horrible.

So, as a step toward taking better care of myself, and hopefully this step will lead to even more as yet unseen developments in my well-being and daily life (because this gig job stuff is NOT my dream, that’s for sure), from now on, before I schedule myself, I am going to make sure that the Moon is in a good sign and house for me to be working in this regard. I have been sort of going a little nuts with this job (and this article “Here’s How the Stress of the Gig Economy Can Affect Your Mental Health: Everything from unrealistic expectations to healthcare can exacerbate depression and anxiety” does a really good job of explaining why the stress levels can be so much higher than a “regular” job – I’d get into it myself here but they already did, so just go read it), and my priorities and life have been suffering. I was able to make almost enough in a week to pay for my astrology class that is taking up the next 10 weeks, in a week, which I am super grateful for, but I don’t have to go balls to the wall like that now. I reached that goal and now I can turn it waaaay down, and create my days based around what is really important to me: my self-care, my home life – family and dog, my work in the garden, my astrology studies, my musical practice, my yoga class visits, my reading, my writing… my life!

One of the good things about this job is that my schedule is 100% up to me. That IS a luxury, so I’d be stupid not to take it, and use it well. So, how I am I approaching this new set of self-imposed limitations on when I do this gig shopping work, based on the Moon?

Well, when the Moon is passing through my 4th house of family, 12th house of isolation, or 8th house of sex and death, I will not work. These houses are all water signs for me, which only compounds the energies of those times that make it inauspicious to do this sort of fast-paced in-the-public work.

Nor will I work when the Moon is passing through Libra (my IC, the cusp of the 4th house) and ruled by my above-described Venus, who again is in Cancer in the 12th. These are all times where I know that it is glaringly best for me to focus on my inner self – nurturing and caring for myself and my closest, and what I really value. 3rd house is a pretty much No also, because Libra, ruled by Venus, is either the cusp of, or makes up the majority of, this house. Libra time is self and family time.

So, when will I allow myself to schedule myself for gigs?

When the Moon is passing through my 1st house of survival and relationship with the world (the planet that rules the 2nd house of Money is here, also – otherwise I’d probably rule this out too – the key association with this house is Identity – and my mind’s higher calling is not delivering groceries, but doing my studies or my own creativity – but still an option if need be, especially because this is my Leo house and the Sun, who wants to give, is there. I’d rather be giving my own creativity, but delivering nutrition to others is fine too. I am not averse to selflessly giving – in fact it’s one of the things I do love about this job – the gratitude of the people who I bring food to – even after some of the pre-delivery work that can sometimes be over an hour and a half, the few seconds of delivery almost always makes me feel happy again, even if the stress chemicals are still pumping), the 2nd house of money itself, my 7th house of contracts and other people, my 11th house of charity, and the 6th house of servitude and work (duh).

As for the other houses (5th and 9th, and 10th, I’ll base this around whether I have something else that is important for me to want to do happening on those days. All of these placements have serious drawbacks – the 5th, Sag, is really a time for me to explore my fun and creativity, not do menial work – especially because I have Uranus there – 9th is best suited for intense work in my studies, and the end of Aries is where my extremely sensitive Moon is – I usually go inward and often sleep during this time – and the 10th, Taurus, especially with my Venus associations is not a good time for fast paced and demanding anything – plus, I really want that time for working on my ACTUAL career path – & that is not food delivery – though yet, it is a good time to give abundance of produce to others – Taurus is all about food. Despite the drawbacks, these are better times than the “no way, unless absolutely necessary” times.

After adjusting my schedule in accordance with these rules I already feel so much freer. I know that I am going to be much more productive, more in alignment with myself, and of course, less stressed in my daily life. It’s kind of silly that I would feel as though I would have to justify to myself placing limits on a part time job, but all of my fire can really go overboard sometimes, even at the wrong time. So placing self restriction is important, and necessary for me to have balance and health.

What a person prioritizes and organizes their life around, IS their life. Doing that around some gig job that isn’t supposed to be a full-time support anyway is insane. And, my expenses are really low! I live with my Mom, who doesn’t charge me rent or board (a luxury and gift and privilege, without a doubt – though I do buy a large portion of my own food, not only because my chosen diet is different, but because if I can, I should) – so I don’t HAVE to work myself to the bone to survive. I am really frugal and aside from my my dog’s food and health insurance and my cheap cell phone bill, I have no regular bills. Only elective costs such as my classes, my alternative health care, supplies for my activities, etc, are what I deal in. And as I have discussed elsewhere on this blog, I have a really interesting knack for finding things that I need for free. The other day, I thought to myself, “I could use some planting pots but don’t want to have to buy them” and shortly thereafter, I passed two houses that threw out a total of 4 planters – two plastic, and two wicker with plastic lining. I still do buy stuff, though. But I seek out and find great deals.

Organizing my life around the Moon, though, and my actual internal cycles – that is so much healthier. It is so much more in accordance and alignment with my priorities, my lifestyle, my ideals, and my activities. I mean, duh – with my focus on astrology, I should have been doing this a long time ago. But sometimes it takes a while for certain things to really sink in. Sometimes we need a metaphorical bonk on the head. And oddly enough, today, all day while I was working, my crown chakra/ top of my head HURT. Was sore and swollen. Like I had literally been hit, or hit myself, hard. But that did not happen. Now that I have been home for hours and have come to these realizations, the swelling is not there anymore. I’m glad I got the message.



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