The Most Important Paper/Audio lecture of the Modern Time – on Deep Adaptation to Near Term Extinction

This paper/lecture by Jem Bendell discusses in clear and approachable to all academic terms what is happening to our planet.

It is absurdly obvious that we are on a fast downward spiral as far as habitability on this planet goes.

We are about to enter a time of such great suffering that anyone who is privileged enough to have access to these blog posts can’t even imagine. And yet, it is going to happen. It is already happening.

I have been sick and bed ridden with a systemic respiratory infection for 5 days now. I am at a high risk because even at age 33 I have already contracted pneumonia twice. The word “misery” is an accurate one for what I am undergoing.

And this scares me.

Because in the months and possibly years to come, the diseases we know and can nurse curled up crying in bed, eating food, taking herbs, fruit, and OTC or even prescription medicines, will be like kindergarten jokes compared to what people will be dealing with soon enough. There will be so many sick that there will not be anywhere near the resources to care for them. We are looking at such tremendous mass migration that the “Central American Caravan” is only a tiny preview. This is going to be worldwide.

This has all been hitting me very hard lately. And to be honest, I’m not sure what to do. One cannot fight the inevitable.

I am surrounded by people that are so far deep into denial and willful ignorance that I don’t think that they’ll begin to see what is happening until we are very literally underwater, or forced to migrate, or when everyone starts getting extremely sick. Indeed I can sympathize with not wanting to believe the truth. It is so painful. And yet, the truth is glaring. Wake up family!!! Everything that we have known and loved is going to be swept away. This is not a joke. Now is the time to start spiritually preparing oneself.

I believe in the Hopi and Lakota Rainbow Prophecies that tell the story of the Tribe of Many Colors that will bring the Earth back to Green Health again. I received in person verbal confirmation that these prophecies are true from 2 Lakota grandparents – one woman, one man. I believe that this will be accomplished through the Magick of Sound Waves – prayer, chant, sacred sounds, that will foundationally alter the fabric of reality. Whether this means that our actual Earth is saved, or that we will create a new parallel plane – a new dream world, so to speak – well, that is an interesting question. I certainly don’t have all the answers. I only have some of them. And so do you, in your heart, if you wish to.

While tossing around sick in my bed, sheltered warm and fed, I have been finding it difficult to face the reality of what is to come.

I will share this that I have learned:

illnesses are only contractable if you are spiritually and emotionally vulnerable. All illnesses are manifestations of emotional, mental, or spiritual dis-eases that have developed too far. And indeed, our species and our planet are very sick right now. So this will take an extreme leap of faith for the skeptical, and even for the believers. The universe’s physics are actually very simple. An entity – how ever many cells it has – can only live in an environment that is conducive to that entity’s growth. Plain and simple. If you can figure out how to exist between the worlds, and attune to your innate cellular perfection, this takes you to a level of existence where you can be in the world, but not of it. It’s not really possible to do this while conforming to the society’s infrastructures – only if you are attuned to nature, which all of us will be soon, for better or for worse.

That also said, death is a natural part of life. We must all come to terms with the fact that it is highly likely that we all may be transcending much sooner than later. Now is the time to surrender to what is. Take your ostrich heads out of the sand and mourn what you have lost, and live with a full heart again. We are in a simulation. We’re just however many billion bodies now, struck down with the sin of hubris.

The end times are coming. Things are changing fast.


Let’s remember why we came here. Let’s surrender to What Is and stop feeding the Bad Wolf.


I know it’s hard to remember under all of those layers of deception that has been programmed into you. But it’s in there.

Knowing is the first step.

We hupers fucked up, bad.

Perhaps once there is no other option, people will remember how to Pray, and Become Real Again. Because right now, y’all are so fake, and it is so very sad.

The question of “what now” is an interesting one, and up for discussion, and is being discussed in many places. Yet, ultimately, we have done so much damage, that we have crossed the point of no return. This inertia cannot be stopped. It is more powerful than almost 8 billion people now. We are dependent on this Earth. We are Her. There is no separation.

If you read or listen to anything this year, please make it the above linked paper, and share it with your entire circle.

I’m doing my best to not lose myself in despair, and making it a constant to be grateful for what I have, and enjoy the luxuries I have at this time, because they were given to me for just that reason.

We are only in this moment. It’s ok to be here.

Remember where we came from.


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