Some Updates on my Astrologer’s Tour of the Maine Solar System Model, including my Video Tour

So, last night, I decided to re-upload my driving tour video of the MSSM to youtube. I had deleted it for a while, as there were some things I wasn’t happy with with how it came out – for one, instead of introducing myself by my real name, I had used the moniker “Cosmic Cathy” as sort of an attempt to “play radio.” Although the name came from a childhood memory of mine – my mother and I would call each other “Cathy” when we were doing each others’ hair – and sometimes we still reference this – it didn’t really fit. The fact that I actually know a couple of Cathys in my life made this even more weird. So, please don’t mind my awkwardness. Also, my hair was quite the mess… I’d been growing my locks for 3 years at that point, and around the time of this video, they decided to go really wild, and my new growth wasn’t integrating into them. I’ve since removed them, which is a whole other story, but was a decision heavily influenced by the lack of integration, as well as chronic neck pain. I would like to grow them again. I really did love them. We shall see. Hair grows slowly, so there’s no need to plan much of anything.

Also, in the video I use the term “delineation” in a non-astrological way a few times. This may make other astrologers feel uncomfortable. Sorry for that (not really, though).

Here’s the link to the MSSM “category page” that shows you all of the articles in the series.

& here is the video…

Some timestamps of what I discuss:


00:00 intro to the MSSM

7:00 just left Saturn. distances between planets

8:00 size of planets

10:00 the physical experience of going the distances between the planets is amazing!

11:55 Jupiter is HUGE

13:00 about Saturn’s resting area

14:45 meeting other travelers at Uranus, and some waxings on traveler life

18:00 musings and ramblings on stability and instability

18:50 where Uranus is transiting in my chart

19:00 – 22:00 I ordered my first Ephemeris

20:15 a little about my personal locational research

23:00 where is Uranus?

24:00 hoarder’s house aka “manifestation station”

25:15 Neptune is doing weird things.

26:00 I passed Uranus AND Neptune! But they appeared in my corresponding experience… ends at Neptune


But wait, there’s more!

I decided to do an online search for MSSM articles, thinking, well hey, maybe I’ll find others who had written about it too! It’s sort of an obscure and nichey thing, after all.

I found this article by Astronomers Astroguyz that discusses the Pluto II (Perihelion Pluto) location, the Ceres location, and the – get this, Eris location! Apparently, they were all added after the other ones, and trust me – if they were listed on any of the maps or were referenced on the UMPI’s MSSM site, I would have known about them, and I certainly would have included them in my tour, being an Erisian initiate and all…alas, Eris, like Uranus, rarely operates in a way that anyone expects her to.

And in regard to Uranus, I then found this article, which is hosted on the UMPI website, but is NOT a part of the MSSM webpage – in fact it looks much more modern. Its main content is this: that Uranus is “out of orbit” for repairs as of October 30, 2018. Methinks it is no minor coincidence that this was within a few days of Uranus’ retrograde passage from Taurus, where it had peeked in for a bit, back into Aries. I project that the Uranus model will be done around the end of April, or sometime thereafter – this is when Uranus finally leaves the Retrograde Shadow zone, which in this case is about up until 2°33 Taurus. Whether it will be installed then is another question – it’s friggin’ cold up in that area of Maine, and my friend who lives up there reported 17 feet of snow just recently. No one is going to be installing roadside attractions in that – well, maybe Mainers would. And if the Model is finished before it is installed, it’s highly unlikely that us MSSM fans will be updated on that. We will see.


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