Shaking the Unshakable: Uranus ingress into Taurus & Mercury Rx in Pisces at New Moon

So, perusing through astrological and non-astrological circles on social media these past few days, I’ve been encountering a LOT of hullabaloo about not only the Mercury Retrograde (from 29 Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac, in the same sign as not only Neptune, but the New Moon, but about Uranus ingressing into Taurus. And certainly, this is a triple-whammy. Each of these three events is cause for a certain amount of excitement on their own (especially Uranus). Together, it’s causing a lot of people, some of who aren’t even astrologers, to be exclaiming, “what is going on?”

The short answer is, basically, while Uranus, the “big shaker & mover” just moved into the most Unshakable sign (Fixed Earth Taurus), we are being called by the Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Neptune to go deeply inward into our most unwordable, watery, changeable, higher selves.

Another way of putting this is that…

while our Mind, Emotions, and sense of Identity seem much less like we can put a finger on them than usual, all of a sudden all sorts of stuff that is supposed to be “stable” in our lives just got a jolt of “holy shit, I have to really be adaptable now.”

This ingress is at once a relief to me, and also hitting me really hard. My Moon is at 29° Aries, so the ingress actually means a separation from what was an extended rattling conjunction, but also a major activation of my 10th house – the 1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th are angular, and therefore tend to affect us more notably. It’s also a 10th house Taurus Profection year for me (which basically means that this house is super lit up in my life until my next birthday). It’s an empty house for me – besides my North Node, and Black Moon Lilith, and both of those are bodiless points, only notated as far as their mathematical relationship to actual bodies go.

Let’s look at the New Moon chart.

New Moon Pisces Feb 2019 Astrological Chart
New Moon Pisces Feb 2019 Astrological Chart

I mean, wow. Wow!!! So much happening at once.

This will NOT be a very linearly-organized article… sorry not sorry… this chart just don’t want to let me.

You can see that Uranus made zir ingress during the Dark Moon (right after Mercury went Retrograde). So, whether you got around to formally setting some sort of intention or not, you got a major shift anyway.

My intention that I just wrote in basic handwriting on a square paper was this:

“I fully welcome and embrace the changes that will being action and motivation to my career and life path. I welcome and embrace new relationships that bring value and pleasure!”

So, I wrote my intention having to do with my 10th house being lit up, Mars on my North Node in the 10th, and transit Venus finally rising up over my horizon into my 7th, after way too long in the shadows.

I’m not really a “big elaborate ceremonial magic” kind of gal. At least not at this point in my life. Sometimes it’s all I can do just to articulate in 2 sentences my intention for the month. Usually I don’t even do that, and just sort of “think” about what I want. This month though was different. So much may change – I really wanted to focus my intent. It can be simple!

Indeed there has also been a lot of talk lately about how people are making too big of a deal about Mercury Rx. And I present you with an article by George Kao that goes into this from a much more pragmatic perspective. Sorry folks, you’ll need Facebook to read that one. If you’re not into the ‘Book (& I don’t blame ya), here are some other links, that are linked in the first link…

Myth of Mercury Retrograde by Victoria Bazeley

Myth of Mercury Retrograde by Gary Stamper

Now, there are a couple of reasons why I’m not a big fan of the use of the word “myth” that these authors are taking – first, the implication that “myths” are “falsities” sort of goes against our use of planetary archetypes in Astrology…and second, these titles point to an argument that Retrograde is not an effective or useful tool in Astrology, which is total bollocks. Retrogrades are indeed powerful and should always be noted, as should Stations, which are even more powerful. Any astrologer that says that Retrogrades are bunk, you should probably be wary of. That said, the content of these articles is very valuable and does a lot to assuage a lot of the irrational fears surrounding Mercury Rx. Indeed, it isn’t healthy to live under a rock. But it is really important to be cautious. The articles reference a “fact” that 50% of our Fortune 500 companies were started during Mercury Rx. Without any sources for that, I’m not sure if I buy it, but think about it: before you learnt about this phenomenon, did your entire world come crashing to a halt? No. Of course not. All planets go retrograde some of the time. And the others appear to continue moving forward. Yet, as with the “doors of perception,” once you become aware of something, there it is. In fact, Uranus itself – although technically we can sometimes see Uranus with the naked eye, no-one in the entire recorded history of Astrology or Astronomy (once one and the same) saw it until 1781. That’s ridiculous! And once we discovered Uranus, all sorts of, well, “Uranian” things began to happen. This is one of the tenets of modern astrology – that once a body is discovered, its correspondences are “awakened” in the human consciousness. An easy example is Pluto’s discovery corresponding with the harnessing of nuclear power.

Anyway, so, though I would advise you not to freak out and think that anything you do is going to dissolve during this Mercury Rx period, I will say: once you become aware of the phenomenon, it’s hard to ignore. It’s just one of many subtleties that, once you become conscious of them, it could be foolish to discount them as not having any effect.

This Mercury Rx period is particularly powerful because it is happening at the VERY LAST DEGREE of the zodiac, 29° Pisces. It is like we have reached the very end of the cycle, and right before crossing over, we turn around to go over what we didn’t really get right the first time. All in the realm of dreamy emotions and higher aspirations. With modern ruler Neptune there, this upcoming month is a time to surrender to your intuition. This is not a time for logic. No it isn’t! This is a time to let your emotions and feelings guide you. If you normally do this anyway, then really embrace that this month. If normally you have trouble with this, then these few weeks might be a more difficult challenge for you. But chances are, especially if you have Taurus or early Fixed sign placements, the simultaneous Uranus Ingress is bringing unexpected changes to your life. Fixed signs don’t like to change – that’s why they’re called Fixed! But, Uranus demands change. Often in ways that we can’t plan for.

Overall, these happenings together are providing us with an opportunity to just “go with it.” If we follow our gut and our feelings, and allow ourselves to take risks (Uranus is a big risk-taker), then we can really open ourselves up to experiences that we could not have planned for. The more we surrender during this time, the better. And the more we are willing to just try something new, the more growth we can open ourselves up to.

Unless you’re in your 80s or older, you’ve never experienced Uranus in Taurus before, besides a small preview we got last year.

What happened in your life between Mid-May and the beginning of November last year (2018)? That was a little snippet, a taste of what is coming. As for me: that time last year was when I really jumped into my work on writing on astrology. It’s when I discovered the Maine Solar System Model while I was living in my car, totally determined to pursue my locational research on myself (I’ll be writing more about this later). I attempted to make a negotiation with a pagan group that would have led to me having residency within their sphere and working within their shop. The negotiations did not work out and I left due to totally unexpected fallout with them. That was right at the end of the Uranus Rx back into Aries, and I returned home. The point is, I jumped as far as I could into my pursuit of my career goals, willing to give up even my home, to find a new way. Of course, the Powers that Be had its own plan. What do I foresee for myself with Uranus finally moving into this house “for good” for me? Well, of course, with Uranus, the unexpected is what to expect. But I do know what I can do to take advantage of the energy and create new opportunities. And that is, to trust the process, and be willing to try new things. We cannot force change. Change happens on its own. In the meanwhile, we can attune ourselves to the energies at work (at play?) and embrace allowing our Soul to grow how it wants to.

This is all just beginning to unfold… we shall see…

in the meantime, just be! Allow the shifts to happen! Rest, re-assess, and be willing to jump when it’s your turn!


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