Suicide Prevention Podcast: Read the Signs Radio #1 LINK

These past few days I’ve found myself diving pretty deeply into some of my personal issues, all over twitter. I’m not sure if I see this as a necessary part of my healing and growth and path of self-knowledge, or just more rehashing of the issues themselves. The boundary between “what I must face to overcome and evolve” and “what is too much for me and I have to separate myself from to keep my own mental health safe” seems to be getting really thin. Parts of myself that I have been trying to keep wrapped up and presented in pretty boxes to the world, are just bubbling up in ways that are totally not pretty at all.

Just changes. Just changes. There’s a Louise Hay Power Thought card that says, “I am Safe; it is Only Change” and I have been using that as one of my regular affirmations lately.

Anyway, all this stuff is leading me to making more connections with the mental health community, and I went to my “suicide prevention” category on here to provide a link to someone else for the Suicide Prevention podcast that bAs and I did last year. But I found that because of some glitch that wordpress has with podcast posts, I never had the option to “categorize” the post.

So, here it is.

Yeah, I don’t like multiple click-through pages either, but there was no other way to categorize this very important conversation as “suicide prevention” on my site.

Thanks for reading, listening, and sharing.

& as always I welcome any and all supportive and/or peace-seeking responses or inquiries (in other words, any hateful or dismissive comments will be deleted. This is a space that is safe for those who are suffering).



  1. Sounds like you are really feeling the Mars Uranus conjunction working away. I have felt such a shift of energy since last Wednesday. I am getting into Louise Hay lately. I bought her book Trust Life and am saying the affirmations as well. Feeling unsafe can be big issue when our feelings have caused us problems with others before. What is safe to express and what is not? Its never easy for me. I went out to lunch with my Cousin yesterday and she never cries much and talks compulsively but she actually started crying while sharing some painful things I saw it as progress. 🙂

    • Yeah!! Though at this moment the Moon is finally at 29° and being my signature it finally feels like it is passing, and it sort of “reset” things for me… I feel like I went through some sort of transmutation where now I am back on the horse. We still have a couple of days of this high-octane stuff though. Lots of soul change happening all at once right now.

      I haven’t seen that one. I share the cards with my Mom and I have my own copy of “You Can Heal Your Life” that I use often for the emotional causes of diseases reference list in the back. I am pretty sure she was the first one to really popularize that way of thinking in English publications.

      Yay for a good safe cry to clean out…

      • That all sounds really good. I have felt such a major shift over the weekend. I heard that L Hay said that problems with teeth had to do with bad decision making and when I lost mine in a car crash just prior I made a really poor call with an ex boyfriend. I really believe in her…..

        So glad to hear you are feeling clearer and more cleansed. xoxo

      • All this agitation is moving us to the right groove! I feel it.

        Wow! That is pretty intense. I cannot imagine that you would lose multiple teeth from one decision… teeth are also Saturn (bones, breaking down things, etc) so it is more likely that it was a repeated long term problem that came to a crux with that one event.

        The book says this:
        Teeth…represent decisions. Problems…longstanding indecisiveness. Inability to break down ideas for analysis and decisions

        “I make my decisions based on the principles of truth, and I rest securely knowing that only Right Action is taking place in my life.”

      • Well that goes with Mars conjunct Moon and Saturn. Action often got blocked. Mum wouldn’t even give birth to me on time. She held back as long as she could before going to hospital to do the bottling of plum jam. I often vacillate. It was only one and a half teeth but over time I have lost more due to dental reconstruction. Now I wear a denture. 😦

      • LMAO@plum jam!!! That is an interesting correspondence for sure. One must be conservative with fruits, you know. hehe.

    • Btw… when I first read your comment I was in a parking lot while working… and I looked up and the license plate in front of mine said HAY. How about that???

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