No sense to make out of these thoughts. Where is the right path?

The truth is in silence

Just let it out

You can create your own reality; everything is an illusion

Accept the present moment fully as it is

You are forgiven

You can’t undo the past

It’s all in your mind

My body won’t let me

You can do anything

Just because you’ve failed a million times doesn’t mean that the change you want isn’t just around the corner

Words don’t mean anything

Words create reality

Be honest with your thoughts and feelings

Negative thoughts and feelings create more negative experiences

I am the whole world, and everything

I am just a point of consciousness, a branch on a tree, one of countless

Live as though you have no past

Accept your past fully

Keep your secrets to yourself; other people don’t have to know your pain, and it’s wrong to expose them to it.

Be honest with yourself and everyone; otherwise you’ll never find what is truly right for you.

You create everything you experience

What happens to you has nothing to do with you

Keeping your body clean and pure is the most important thing in life; consume only high vibration organic live foods

Eat what is given to you; be grateful

You can heal from anything; every moment is a totally new opportunity

Be realistic with your situation; spiritual bypassing means you just have to start over.


I am so confused. I feel so stuck. This too shall pass. I have no idea what is actually good for me, and what will sustain me. Things can change at any moment. I am changing. I am a single moment and location that is breathing and locomoting. I am a spirit in a body. I have a divine purpose. I am subject to the same reality laws as everyone else. Reality is malleable. Anything is possible. Make the best move that you can with the limited options and choices available to you. It doesn’t matter what you choose; your path is your path and it all leads to the same destiny. Be careful of what you choose, as it will determine everything about what comes after.


Prioritize your writing.

You’re thinking too much. Use less words. Just breathe.

I’m so blessed and privileged.

I can’t believe how unfulfilled I feel.

I have so much to offer

Why am I still curled up in a ball and totally dependent on my parents?

You’re so angry. You will never be able to heal. You’ve gone past the point of no return.

You are a Goddess. There are so few pure souls like yours in the world. Love yourself.

You scare me.

I think you’re really misunderstood.

God and Nature provide everything.

You have to work or you’ll end up begging.

Everything is fine; the universe is conspiring in your favor

Only you can control anything in your life.


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