Mercury Cazimi horoscope, born out of a Shamelessly Bloody Lunar Eclipse: Jan 29-30, 2018

So, here we go with another Mercury Cazimi special. This time, ahead of time. Progress is what we should be judging ourself by, if anything at all. We may not be where we want to be in our life, whether literally o metaphorically, and so we can unduly get harsh with ourselves when we notice our expectations do not line up with what we are experiencing in our reality. So, if you are not quite where you want to be, ask yourself,

Am I doing better at, or in any way closer to my goal than I was last week/last month/last season?”


If so (and you probably are unless things are truly dismal for you, in which case I am amazed that you have found your way to this monologue. stranger things have happened), you are doing SO GREAT! Really, take a minute to see how much you are capable of doing, if you have already accomplished whatever small things you have.


It is a familiar feeling to become anxious with the speed at which things can take in life. Often, it is our minds that seem to take the longest, and hold the rest of life up. We can only handle so much in a day, mentally. We may have physical energy at the end of a long day doing certain work, or vice versa if we have exhausted our physical energy but have not strained our intellect. Sometimes, what we want to get done, one part (planet) of us is ready to tear it up, but another part (planet) is somehow unable to be of much use. Applied to a mundane reading, the chart for the time given would affect all peoples.

Let’s backtrack a little. To really look closely at this Cazimi we must look closely at what Mercury has been doing, where sey has been, because Mercury is, of course, our messenger, bringing letters and spoken (and telepathic) information from one point or body in the cosmic arena to another. Within the past week or so Mercury has traveled to deliver to us the most headline news, as he was virtually on the scene at our most recent “Blood Moon Eclipse” and a day later actually arrived at the South Node (in this case the node that was opposite the actual eclipse, where the Sun was). Here, sey observed the resonance of that position in the wake of the lunar event. And now, a week later, we have the opportunity to receive a direct channel or a direct lived experience, of the energies of the eclipse that just passed. Mercury is still carrying information about this event in the usual Mercury way even if sey were even farther away, a sign or more when the event happened. But, having been in the “line of fire” our Winged Shoed friend is still buzzing with the energy of whatever portal we went through. There have been no (classical) bodies in Mercury signs for any disposed energy to trickle off, so Mercury is fully charged, and we get to hear all about it through our Sun experience later! What fun.

Cazimis are measured by whether a planet is within 17′ of the Sun. It is a time of clarity in the middle of a wider time of uncertainty, similar in reprieve as the calm in a storm.

Our cazimi commences at 17:00 UTC tomorrow, Tuesday Jan 29 2018. Or, Noon Eastern Standard Time.

Exact Cazimi is at 2:35 UTC, Tuesday Jan 30, or 21:35 EST, Jan 29 2019.

It ends 12:05 UTC or 7:05 EST Wednesday Jan 30 2018.

This gives us 19 hours to catch this “portal.” A cazimi can have a similar potential as an eclipse, without the foreboding. Like an eclipse, bodies are lining up, and occupying the same exact few minutes of a degree. Like an eclipse, the Sun is always involved. But unlike an eclipse, we do not lose light, and the happening can be anywhere in the zodiac, not just on the Moon’s nodes. And, thus, the effect is much more subtle to our experience. It is, so to speak, so metaphysical. This means you would probably never notice unless you are paying attention.

A cazimi is also, unlike an eclipse, always the mark of a new Synodic cycle of any body with the Sun (though all Solar eclipses are thus also, because they happen at New Moons, but Lunar eclipses are oppositions, or Full Moons.

The last Mercury Cazimi we had was on Nov 27, 2018, and before that, the one the days before the Autumnal Equinox, which I wrote an article on after the fact.

So, what should we look at here?

I bring you the chart of the eclipse:

A late-zodiac-heavy chart. Only the Moon, fresh in Leo, in the first half of our procession. Moon does not like to be alone, especially a Leo Moon that wants, no, needs an audience. Well, all of Earth should be enough, eh?

It was quite an Eclipse. Being occulted and with so much going on near the South Node, her deepest and farthest recesses in relation to our Sun, and us watching the creepy yet erotic red tint from the angling of the Sun, this was a notably intense few hours. Dark times, even, though so charged it was almost like old omens did not apply. We are at a different stage of cosmic awareness, now. We know when we will be in shadow, and why it is happening, and what has happened in the past.

Yet, many were drawn to this eclipse in an unusually uncommon way, despite the regularity of eclipses. I know that I was. Pulled toward the True North a few degrees away in late Cancer, I could not help but watch the bloody moon, captivated by the beauty of our eye in the sky going totally carnal. At my location it was at the midheaven, too, unocculted by clouds. I was psyched because Clouds covered my view of the 2017 “Great American Eclipse” that I traveled hundreds of miles for (but was glad I missed that one because it is much more believable to me that a full Solar eclipse is a bad omen than a Lunar), so I was able to (as far as my own assessment is so far) safely witness a full eclipse.

Clip of image by Fabian Oelkers

It was a great time for shadow work that felt shiny, or maybe working in awe of the awe-ful Moon, silver lining shining through what was once white, now red? And, for embracing the beauty and sacred ceremony of the moment, I infused a sterling silver teapot with the moonlight during the reddest glow, with the intention of gathering the energy of the Moon in a condition that reflected the full blooming of female power during menstruation. I was also menstruating at the time, so the red light from the Moon stood in for the same amount of source power as my blood would have. I have worked with my own blood before, but besides the obvious unsanitary qualities of consuming even minuscule, even homeopathic quantities of body fluid, magically, an unbuffed soft precious metal such as silver becomes “permanently” marked if it comes in contact with sacred (or any…) blood. In other words, if you have a shared silver teapot, don’t add anything weird. In this case, the red moonlight gave an extra boost I never would have been able to replicate. It was like The Silver Goddess herself was in full power, the Blood Red showing us on the outside what we are on the inside: made of that vital color! It felt empowering. I was cautious, but I refused to let fear stop me from honoring such a splendid sight. Run inside, covered and cowering from the same moon I look at every night? No way. My Goddess teaches me to be fearless and use and transmute all of my resources and moments. Moonlight cannot hurt me, or anyone. And if the Moon is giving no light or compromised light, that is fine too, because sometimes we have no Moon in the night sky at all!

The Moon was in the Earth’s shadow – so I was in my own shadow, with all others in the visible totality. If I cannot have tea with my shadow, what am I doing here? Good thing I have the relief of having had Tea specially prepared to avoid those issues! T-hee-hee!!!

So, the omen stuff.

Perhaps we can experience a Blood Red Lunar Eclipse differently than our historical prescription books recommend. They are common enough happenings anyway, that it is a little much to read them as shatteringly affective as omens of doom. Perhaps much of the fear comes from the same deeply encoded fear that our world in this past epoch has exhibited toward Woman’s Sacred Power, or Yin ways in general, if one does not want to Gender the Moon, or their own Moon experience.

The Moon: our subconscious, changeable, shifting, unstable, giving and taking, mysterious and comforting yet elusive Mirror. Awakener of werewolves and supernatural stuff, even insanity. Nightlight for pagan rituals. Marker of when Women would bleed, before modern lights and hormone pills, though if you really work at living healthfully you may get on the natural schedule sometimes.

One cannot behold the Moon. In a way, if the Moon is our reflection, our subtle sensation, a light on receptivity, then a lunar eclipse should arguably show where we are truly being plunged into receiving a change, into shifting into pure intuition for a short bit, going by feel with the light off, knowing things will be different when the light comes back. We may not be aware of what really happened. It is as though the hardwire programming is being cleaned up while the monitor is off. The deep subconscious has shifted, and we receive the full crescendo of what is the truth of the spirit-self balance at the exact time the shift happens at.

We have no choice but to trust our feelings, and just receive, during the Lunar Eclipse. Whether you believe in the traditional omens, celebrate the Moon’s Menses, or some weird combination of both, it is certain that the eclipse affects us, especially if we can see it, but even if not.

After all that, back to Mercury, who was on the opposite side of Earth at the time, actually in the shadow of the Sun whose light was not reaching the Moon.

With an applying conjunction to the South Node, it has a little over a day to become an exact conjunction…

Then, the next day

So, the day after the eclipse, Mercury picked up all sorts of information. Imagine two sides in a contest and one side totally overshadows the other during a play. Here, Mercury overheard everything at the aftergame party of the team who won that game.

Also notable is the Jupiter-Venus conjunction, which is in Novile to the Mercury-South Node conjunction.

This infused a nice “Bright Side” to the instance. South Node is where we find gifts. This is a complex harmonic that could elicit a delineation that is pages in itself. Jewel’s video on Noviles is pretty awesome if you want to really go into depth. Suffice that the 2 Benefics are taking it to the next level with Mercury while Mercury is zipping by where the Sun just unwittingly made an eclipse.

South Node is generally typified as Malefic, so an aspect, even a minor one, of the two Benefics in conjunction, makes this rendezvous have the potential for real good. A separating 9th harmonic aspect with Moon at this moment shows that our potential for insight is even greater, with a subtle communication line between Mercury, South Node and the same moon that Yesterday was unable to speak with either, but now adds a strong, high-strung voice.

The Mars-Saturn square that was partile during the eclipse is separating now, easing tension a bit.

And now a week later, tomorrow/tonight, the Cazimi!

Overall a much simpler chart than the previous two we are looking at here. For starters, there are less aspects, and only harmonic derivatives of major aspects (3rd, 4th, 6th, & 8th harmonic). The Mars-Saturn square is pretty much all calm by now, too.

Moon is applying a sextile to the cazimi at the crescendo. We may recover insight, that at this Last Quarter moon phase, really wants to get to us. Wisdom to be had here, from the middle to end of the Cazimi.

Also, this Mercury has since moved from Capricorn with South Node into Aquarius, so we are still ruled by Saturn, yet in his more evolution-minded guise. Aquarius is light hearted and yet to a fault, being more concerned with getting to the next stage of the story than with ensuring security – emotional or otherwise. With the Sun, we are living purely. We do not have to think much. The motions are natural. We play our role with ease and surety during this time.

A semisquare with Venus tells us we may have a tense, anxious experience either internally between those two archetypes in our own solo experience, or with another person or group. We are inspired to action, or to pay extra attention, to how what we are saying/thinking/reading about (Mercury in Aquarius) is jiving with our often relentless physical-world pleasure desires (Venus in Sagittarius). We will know it because we are living our words in this Cazimi span. Truthfulness is really important. Be honest with yourself, and others. This is easy, but we are processing some very intense stuff (the Eclipse, duh). Jewel of Truth in Aspect Astrology makes a good point in her video on semisquares when she says that this aspect is not as important as a square. However, in the absence of squares, this aspect becomes more important.

A 3rd decan (Sun ruled) Sag Venus (see Darkstar Astrology’s page on this decan) knows what it wants, and how to get it.

A 1st decan Aquarius Mercury/Sun (likewise, Darkstar’s information on this Venus ruled decan), that also is in its own term, is having a very self-aware experience …

that requires a resolution of some sort, a satisfaction, allowing. You want, and ypu are particularly aware of it. Something more, not your everyday craving. Indulging Venus if you can at this time is recommended, as if Venus is fulfilled, the semisquare can resolve, and dispositor Jupiter can govern in peace. Sagittarius does not like to withhold, anyway. But don’t spend it all, because the Moon still has to traverse the 2 Benefics and you may want a chocolate/carob/carrot/karat indulgence (or 2 or 3) in the upcoming days, because why not?

Subtle awareness of the Moon in Sag via a sextile from the Cazimi (and for a time, in the Moon’s own term) allows this to be an arrangement that has every planet in an aspect or two, and very clean lines with only 8th harmonic and lower aspects (with my orbs and bodies, and no axis, anyway). It’s a joy to read this chart, it is so visually simple. Our feelings are in harmony with our experience, really. Activate!

This Mercury Cazimi brings mental self-awareness on a truly conscious level. You can physically live the experience AND communicate about it. People may tend to be on the same page. Our throat chakras can clean themselves and let go of what may be leftover thoughts from last week’s occultation. We can begin to prepare for the Balsamic and Dark phases with a much clearer conscious experience of where we stand. Allow the magic of the unexpected to work on you.


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