Astrologer’s Tour of the Maine Solar System Model: Pluto & Charon

We have just come from Neptune, and now we come to the last planet. & none of that “Pluto isn’t a planet” stuff, please. I’m tired, and you’d be arguing with a very tiny diorama, and a legion of incorrigible modern astrologers.

So, we’ve driven 40 miles, and the developers of this system surely were thinking clearly when they designed the model, because they placed Pluto inside the rest area in Houlton, so you can “void.” There are also a selection of chain-variety eateries and a big-box store within bow & arrow range. And honestly, this is a great rest stop, one of the best I’ve been to in the whole country. The free wifi works all the way out in the car, and they have multiple grills for you to cook at (though honestly, I have NEVER seen anyone cook at a rest-stop grill. Are people so averse to just enjoying themselves and actually resting and taking care of themselves at the rest stop these days? Modern society, indeed…more to say but Pluto wants his day).

Of course, in real life, Pluto is tiny. It’s even smaller than our Moon. Yeah, seriously. That’s sort of hard to comprehend. It’s Pluto’s oblique orbit that sets it apart. And, in astrology, as in nuclear power, size does not necessarily correspond to impact. Pluto, the slowest moving planet (not counting many asteroids we now pay attention to), is known for being quite the “wrecking ball.” Anyone who has studied Pluto astrologically is familiar with its penchant for causing extreme transformation.

Pluto and Charon of the Maine Solar System Model

One is impressed at how small these two are. The fact that we have just driven 40 miles (!!!) to get to a model that is very much smaller than a ping-pong ball is a little weird, but the sense of accomplishment and finality is worth it.

But aww, look at how tiny Charon is. He still demands coins, though. But I am not sure where we’re supposed to put them, because the payphone is gone…

Empty payphone station
Empty payphone station

I guess the snack and drink machines will suffice. & I guess it makes sense that there’s no payphone… out here so far you’d be a fool to think that you can phone home.

This is another picture of the diorama, where you can see some of the letters on the plaques (and my face, and some signs in reflection):

Pluto and Charon of the Maine Solar System Model
Pluto and Charon of the Maine Solar System Model

Of course, I had already been to Pluto, as it was the location that I discovered the MSSM in the first place, as the first installment of this series explains. So, I actually first did the tour going the “wrong” way, as you probably will too, unless you’re coming from the Canadian side, or even farther North in Maine.

This whole tour was an unexpected Solar Return gift to me, given by the Gods themselves. I discovered Pluto on 8/8/18, the day after my birthday. I had been feeling pretty low and confused, as I had been “called away” on a trip without knowing why (which often happens to me on this journey. They talk about “heeding the call” but they never tell you that you rarely know who is calling), and lo and behold, I discovered this model next to the bathroom, and it has until the following year (it is now 1/2/19), for almost 5 months, served as the material for a travel-journal project. I am truly humbled by how I am led to just the right thing for me. I continue to see that there really is a divine order, and that when we go with the movement of forces that are beyond us, we discover what we are meant to behold. We don’t have to plan anything. There is already a plan for us, set in motion.

Pluto location of the Maine Solar System Model
Pluto location of the Maine Solar System Model

& how’s this for another correspondence? Just now I googled the New Horizons project to see what it was up to, and 4 hours ago (!!!) an article was published on about how the mission just flew by the Ultima Thule, reportedly the oldest “fossil” from the beginning of the solar system. It is the “most distant object that we have ever explored.”

You can also check out NASA’s page about New Horizons and Ultima Thule.

The Google Maps location is here.

& The UMPI website is here

where you can read the following information:

  • Diameter: 1 inch 2.54 cm)
  • Moon Charon (diameter 0.5 inch or 1.8 cm, 8.5 inches or 21.6 cm from planet axis)
  • Location: Houlton Information Center (Maine Tourism Association)
  • Construction: wood ball
  • Constructed by UM-Presque Isle. Painted by Jeanie McGowan

Thank you for taking the time to travel with me!


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