Astrologer’s Tour of the Maine Solar System Model #9: Uranus

So, we have just come from Saturn, and have driven almost halfway through the solar system. The entire model spans 40 miles, and Uranus is at the 19.5 mile mark. Pretty outstanding, huh? On most 2D diagrams, we see the planets pretty evenly spaced, but in reality, this is not so. All of the planets including Uranus are within the middle half of the span of the system. This means even though we’re SO far out there, we’re only halfway there! Pretty wild! Uranus comes up quickly on the left if you’re driving South from Presque Isle. And, in alignment with Uranus’ astrological correspondences, boy, does it look ZANY with that zig-zag stem! Of course, this also reflects the actual axis of Uranus, which is 90° turned on its side in comparison to all of the other planets. This is also the reason why Uranus has the oddball interpretation that it does.

Uranus of the Maine Solar System Model Uranus of the Maine Solar System Model

Yes, dude, that is my car.

I actually had a very strange personal experience at Uranus. It was the only planet where I met other people: a crew of 3 other travelers that also had a dog there. They had come from the opposite direction as I, so we were crossing paths… and what do you know, they were all on foot! Funny, that a few times in this travelogue I have insisted that one would not want to walk the Model, but these folks were.

What made it even more notable was that they told me that they had walked all the way from southern Florida and were on their way to the Canadian border, and they were walking in memory of their loved one who had died of an overdose. They told me that everything that they had needed on the way, they had been offered by other people. It was a very interesting mash-up because I was having a particularly painful emotional day, feeling sort of hopeless and lonely, and they were in great spirits, and they lifted me up some. I did feel sort of weird for being so down, almost guilty in a way, but hey, feelings are real, and I was grateful to meet some people who, although they were coming from the opposite direction, were kindred and kind. We sat for a while, and rested, and drank some water, and just enjoyed each others company as traveling folk, sometimes talking but mostly silent, in our own worlds.

I was definitely affected by the bizarre energy of the situation, though. I had some cannabis oil (that I had acquired as medical marijuana, but cannabis is decriminalized in Maine…) and offered it to my new acquaintances out of a sense of hospitality, but when they said no, I immediately realized what a faux pas that was, considering why they were traveling…I probably should have restrained myself from offering anything. I wanted to be generous and offer to share, which if they would have accepted would have been great… but they didn’t. Definitely an awkward moment, for sure. One that only Uranus could have brought me.

So, me & my dog, and these 3 other travelers and their dog, literally crossed over each others’ paths, and perhaps changing and influencing each other, shaking up our respective lives along the way. I learned a lot about how I can come off to people even when my intentions are pure. Uranus definitely showed me both what my most bizarre face looks like, and the most amazing things that can happen when you just go for something that is so out of the status quo. I mentioned in my Saturn article how much I love Saturn… I am not sure I would say that I love Uranus as in favorite love, but I don’t love Saturn that way either. Anyway, in terms of sheer “level of surprises” this planet takes the cake. Even Pluto, who seemed to bring more “force” to its happenings, and where the happenings were perhaps even technically more weird and out-there, just didn’t feel as bizarre.

I didn’t mention yet that this tour was taken shortly after my 33rd birthday, on which date Uranus zirself went retrograde!!! So, I was probably more affected by the Uranian power that be than most would have been. Don’t be alarmed!

Uranus of the Maine Solar System Model Uranus of the Maine Solar System Model

Uranus gets tall flowers… and yes, the electrical wire (almost) intersecting the angle of the planet’s angled post was unintentional.

Uranus of the Maine Solar System Model Uranus of the Maine Solar System Model

Uranus showing off its sharp course-changing abilities.

Uranus’ location can be found here

And, you can view the University of Maine’s page on the planet’s model here.

where you will find the following information:

  • Diameter: 22 inches (56 cm)
  • Location: Bridgewater Town Hall (19.5 miles or 31.4 km from Sun)
  • Construction: under design
  • Constructed by: Southern Aroostook Applied Technology (Houlton High School)
  • Painted by: Houlton High School
  • Base constructed by David Tardie and his students, Loring Job Corps, Cement Mason Program.

Next up: Neptune!


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