Astrologer’s Tour of the Maine Solar System Model #8: Saturn

So, after Jupiter we have driven about 5 miles and we finally come to Saturn (& Titan)!

Getting to Saturn was a “Saturnian” experience indeed – there was a mile or so of road work on the way, that required either side of the road to alternate stopping for a few minutes by order of a team of flaggers. Yup, Saturn at work.

But once I got there, wow, how beautiful! And so fitting is the landscape – Jupiter had a proliferation of many grasses and wildflowers, and Saturn has a field with a smattering of resilient evergreen trees.

Saturn of Maine Solar System Model
Saturn of Maine Solar System Model

We move closer…

Saturn of Maine Solar System Model
Saturn of Maine Solar System Model

Unlike Jupiter, Saturn does not have a roundabout parking ring. Instead, it has a gravel rectangle. But lo and behold, not only is there a bench, but the cement base of the sculpture itself is a bench, too! How is that for functional structure???

Saturn of Maine Solar System Model
Saturn of Maine Solar System Model

It looks to be cold and hard, but actually, I sat on this bench for over a half an hour and worked on the computer, and it is so comfortable. How so, you ask? The angle of the “back” part is just right. I don’t know if it was intentionally designed as ergonomic, or if serendipity just made it that way. Functional form, Saturn at its best. No frills here – just everything you need, perfectly arranged, and absolutely nothing more.

Look at how beautiful this planet is. The “rings” are made of what appear to be iron. You can rest at Saturn’s base, lean back, look up, and admire the Father of Time.

Saturn of Maine Solar System Model
Saturn of Maine Solar System Model

Here’s another angle, with a little more light.

Saturn of Maine Solar System Model
Saturn of Maine Solar System Model

And here we go, the only place in the Solar System Model where someone left their own piece of art, a painted rock, right above the memorial for Alvin F Reeves II.

Alvin Reeves Memorial Saturn of Maine Solar System Model
Alvin Reeves Memorial Saturn of Maine Solar System Model

SO many Saturn correspondences here… a death memorial, a black rock, root vegetables, and an inherited name passed down through the paternal line. I am also all so struck by the heartfelt compassion of this memorial and the placed painted rock. It reminds me very much of some opinions I have read and heard recently of Saturn’s influence being deeply compassionate and loving. We often think of this planet as cold, unforgiving, and stern, but when we actually look deep into the heart of Saturn we see perhaps the most compassion of all. This is no fleeting, sugar-coated compassion, but the compassion of a god that knows all life and death, and will support a person during the darkest of times that seem the most hopeless. Saturn does not let us just despair without getting back up, nor does Saturn allow us to just forget the past. We must remember, and will be remembered, into posterity, and at the memorial of life and death, there is a black rock with a flower of hope, bringing a memory of beauty and light to this cold, distant place. And eventually, even that rock and these letters will disappear, and what we will have left is ruins, the stark, hard, austere cement shape that naught but the most extreme force could break apart. But while we are here, we will blossom beauty and form from what would otherwise be just cement and steel.

Can you tell I love Saturn?

Garden at Saturn of Maine Solar System Model
Garden at Saturn of Maine Solar System Model

A little bit of irony here as well… the Mars Hill Rotary has donated the garden to Saturn. Well, it’s not THAT ironic, because the closest town IS Mars Hill, but astrologically, it makes a lot of sense. Mars is the “lesser malefic” and Saturn is the “greater malefic.” So, of course the lesser malefic is going to offer tribute to the greater malefic. And this garden is really beautiful, full of hardy ornamentals. Saturn is just so full of gifts and life, bursting forth from the cold earth. Honestly, the correspondences here have given me such a deeper appreciation for this planet. Look at how those 3 trees in the back are so perfectly arranged in a line. When I was here and considering moving to the area, I thought, “I would totally come here every day to work outside and eat my lunch.” Honest to God! It WAS a great place to get work done. Saturn wouldn’t offer any less.

You can see the University of Maine at Presque Isle’s page on the Saturn model here.

& the following information is from that page…

  • Diameter: 51.9 inches (132 cm)
  • Location: Westfield (9.7 miles or 15.6 km from Sun)
  • Construction: Metal structure, fiberglass cover
  • Constructed by: Caribou Tech Center
  • Painted by Fort Fairfield Middle High School
  • Inner Ring Diameter 63 inches(160 cm)
  • Outer Ring Diameter 117 inches (297 cm)
  • Moon Titan (diameter 2.2 inches or 5.6 cm ,[43+ feet or 13 m] from Saturn axis)
  • Moons constructed by Central Aroostook High School (Dellas Adams)
  • Base constructed by David Tardie and his students, Loring Job Corps, Cement Mason Program

Finally, if you have trouble locating the model, you can find the exact location through Google Maps here.

Next up: Uranus!



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