Rainbow Prophecy Channel, October 26 2018

Many like us on the street. Rainbow family, I have seen hundreds, maybe more, at the same time, broken, hungry, sitting in a circle waiting for food to come, too weak to move. I have gone to the depths to be with them, and help at times, sometimes sleeping for days to save enough strength to move, and participate, and it has almost killed me multiple times.

Some of them are almost invisible. They do not register on the radar of the public, and they live floating, nameless, wearing hard-cloth rags in dark colors, huddled together, just taking the chances of where the river may take them. What else can they do?

I have met people who were raised without Social Security numbers, off the grid since birth. Born in this country, on this land, and yet, they have no choice but to continue to live off the grid, at the mercy of waypoint strangers, and people with modified busses who drive around feeding the poor and homeless. Documented and undocumented nomads.

How many natural disasters have we had on Turtle Island in the past 2 years, Gregorian 2017 and 2018? The News reports the thousands of people that have lost their homes. And then, a week later, their plight is forgotten. But I have traveled this country, and I tell you, they are not migrating. What is happening to these people? I see low-rent motels with vacancy, and high-rent hotels popping up. Who is staying where? I bet you these new hotels are banking in on the home and flood insurance companies. Unless the hotels and the insurance companies are owned by the same people? What a mess.

I have met people in woods that live like goblins, who said no one had walked by for months. This one person in particular was at a Wal-Mart that I shall not identify. Of course, Wal-Marts are known for harboring travelers of all sorts overnight – RV campers, car campers, whatever. This is a mutually beneficial relationship, as the Wal-Marts get loyal business from travelers who need to stock up on “whatever” that Wal-Mart sells. and the travelers receive safe harbor and a place to sleep, often in hostile territory. On a walk with my dog one day at one such location, I came across a small field area that was surrounded by trees. Just relaxing and observing the flowers in the morning, and peering into the woods as usual for me, I was approached by one such wood-dweller. He told me just as I wrote: that no-one had been around in that field for months, and that he lives in a tent back there, and he asked me not to tell anyone. As I am not naming the location, or even the state, I consider his safety secured.

A question: where do you go when nowhere else to go? Refugees all over the world, being cattle-prodded, no locality or government accepting their existence. Our media is keeping this reality from the public. There ARE media outlets announcing it, but even those who are demanding justice and safety for refugees seem to not be accomplishing anything.

Coastal cities will start dissolving into the ocean soon. Give it a few decades and our lands will bear no resemblance to what we have known all of our lives.

Soon, the word “on the streets” will have no meaning. We will be forced to commune inland, and the sheer number of people will Absolutely Force that that a more free and community-based, non-separatist way of life will have to come in. People all over will learn through Direct Experience that we are Not Separate. The collective will learn through this Direct Experience that we are One Body, One Heart, and One Mind.

As the bodies housing the Souls that through Choice are destined to fulfill the legitimate Lakota and Hopi Rainbow People prophecies, it is our Sacred and Cosmic responsibility to maintain order, peace, and healing during this time. We are to use our gifts to bring green food and hope back to the land and the people. If we can accomplish this, we can preserve our life, love, and existence on this planet Earth, as children of Gaia and Ra. So declares this Earth Ambassador of the Galactic Federation. So will it be. So it be done.


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