a Declaration of Emotional Emancipation & Determination

I now declare that from this moment forward, I blatantly refuse to except any paradigm any reality that would require of me to unjustly suffer.

I am Entitled to the right to have every need either fulfilled by Myself, or attended to by a willing and capable Other, so that I may be of whole and complete service to my own Self and the World. After all, I cannot be of service to others, unless my proverbial cup is full.

I demand that the above mentioned expressed needs be met consistently and with zero waste of energy.

I claim my birthright to self-knowledge, that every level of the needs that I discover to be met, and that this condition applies forevermore: in the past, present, and future, and every transition point and parallel timeline.

I install this fulfillment on every plane and in in every lifetime.

I offer this reality to all sentient beings, that they may cease and desist to suffer.

So will this be done. So it is.


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