Full Moon in Taurus today, 10/24/18


Event is 12:45 pm Eastern time. Chart is Draconic to apply to any time zone.

This full moon has special significance for me for a few reasons, one of the most prominent being that it is happening 2° after my natal Moon at 29° Aries. I can personally attest to the tension of this ingress, as my only biological sibling (that I know of, anyway) has their moon at the Taurus ingress as well. It is a borderline that, if it manifests positively (as it very well can with this transit- in synastry it is a different story), can feel so satisfying like a “drop” in a dubstep track. Yeah, this is a big time.

We have a Fixed Grand Cross here (the 4 red lines in the square). Some astrologers will say that Nodes cannot make such an aspect, but I disagree. I was born with this aspect also (a fixed grand cross with nodes) and I can personally attest to its power. In Evolutionary Astrology, the nodes in square to bodies are said to be “skipped steps” that we have come into this life to complete. Some say that the luminaries can’t be part of skipped steps. Whatever! These aren’t gospels, they are learning tools. If we have the luminaries in full in square to the nodes, it is a significant message. It means that we are supposed to pay serious attention to what is going on here. The nodes are the eclipse points. They signify fate, and evolution of the collective. When we are born with the Moon’s nodes in a certain place, or they appear significantly in a major event chart (like this full moon) means that those are zodiac points that are “crossroads” of our life path. They are, after all, the crossroads of the Sun’s path and the Moon’s path.

These nodal placements at this full moon become even more notable when we realize that this is the last lunar event with the North Node in Leo and South Node in Aquarius until the late 2030s. You know this past year and a half with all of these major eclipses everyone has been making a huge deal about (because they have been a huge deal)? Nodes in Leo/Aquarius. This is a culmination. If these points or bodies hit your chart, and if they have been hitting your chart, sorry to be sort of last minute but this day and the next two weeks are going to be seriously a major breakthrough if you can jump through the hoop of opportunity.

Uranus/Prometheus within a degree of the Moon, going the opposite direction BACK INTO Aries signifies a major breakthrough that will feel unexpected, but has actually been waiting to happen, as he is still in the middle of his retrograde period. Conjunct Moon in Taurus can also signify an unexpected happening with a woman or feminine figure that offers stability through what appears to be an unstable event. The way out is through, they say, and in many medicine systems, it may seem to get worse before it gets better. What is actually happening is upheaval is the gateway to stability. And that is really what Taurus, Fixed Earth, is about, STABILITY. Embrace it. Be the calm in the storm. You don’t have to join in the frenzy. Be the tree rooted, softly yielding in the winds.

Anytime Prometheus/Uranus appears prominently, it means sudden change and rebellion, going one’s own way, breaking free. With a trine to Saturn this is a great opportunity to have the two energies of sudden change and immovable structures work together. You can find a pathway to your own way that maybe Saturn didn’t feel like giving you before. A big move to a new house, or a new job in a field that you wasn’t available to you last month, but your intuition knows it is just right? Depends where Taurus is in your chart and what in your chart is being activated. Either way, this is a sudden, electrical pathway to a stability you may have been working toward for a long time.

Venus is on the Sun side, being burnt up by the Sun’s rays, and about to become Cazimi on Friday. She is doing some major muckraking in Scorpio. Our deepest attachment experiences are getting a big ol’ light shown on them. Old relationships that were not working are literally being burnt to a crisp. We can’t hide. Don’t even try to. Let it be illuminated. And let the old go, let the ashes blow away. Holding onto ashes is stupid, y’all. I let go of a bag of ashes the other day (not ashes of a living thing, but ritual ashes). I had been saving them for spellwork but decided it was time to “eliminate what I must eliminate.” It felt great and now I am focusing more on what is real and letting what I want to create come to the forefront. This is necessary for the healing process: letting the Sun shine on your desires and needs. Sure, you can hide, but that would only lead to suppression and spiritual suicide. Let the Sun open the doorway and initiate the actions, so that we can feel with the Moon tonight. Big changes may be afoot. Let them happen, and let them integrate. You can’t stop the river.

More Scorpio action is Jupiter and Mercury, who have been moving through at their respective paces for a while. Jupiter positioning to enter Sag, his favorite place to be, applying to (a loose out of sign but still valid) Trine and Sextile with the Moon’s Nodes. Yet another beneficial aspect that can help us to grasp the power here. Jupiter wants us to stand strong in our own personal sense of justice. It’s just another pathway for energizing the fate-switch potential here.

Mars is quintile to Uranus, applying. Mars having just passed over his retrograde shadow, has more ability to get things done now. This is an aspect that can give rise to creative inspiration. Don’t only embrace the unexpected beyond your control, but allow yourself to try new actions that will initiate the changes you are wanting, or welcoming.

Finally, Neptune who has been in Pisces for a few years now, is being received by Uranus in a semi-square. This is tense. The changes don’t necessarily feel comfortable with our “perfect vision” of what we wanted. It’s fine. The situation will evolve. Uranus is much faster than Neptune (about twice as fast in orbit), and the situation will continue to evolve. Jump on the opportunity presented.

And howl at the moon tonight, if you didn’t already last night. We must remember that she doesn’t necessarily care about words, the Moon. She’s all feeling. Let it go. Let the emotions move. But stay grounded in your root. If you are moved fast, allow it, but regroup in stillness at every opportunity. Rest, then charge, buck, and thrash, then rest. Such is the way of the bull that never wavers.


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