Astrologer’s Tour of the Maine Solar System Model #4: Venus

Venus at Maine Solar System Model

We have just left Mercury and are now at Venus! Venus is concerned with so much that hits us close to home: how we love ourselves and others, what we value and the actual value of what we value, our OWN worth and value, “womanhood” in general, material items of beauty, and the arts. Venus is the only planet that in the Classical Western tradition that is represented by a female goddess. Praise the Goddess of Love!

The Venus location of the Maine Solar System Model is on Google Maps here.

& the original entry of this series, which explains what the Maine Solar System Model is, and how I found it, you can read here.

Venus at Maine Solar System Model

Of course, Venus is located right next to the town’s Chamber of Commerce sign. The correspondences of “money” and “relationships between businesses” does not get past us, Synchronicity. No it does not!

You can see a much better-lit photo of Venus at the University of Maine’s Venus Model page. The photos I took were more toward the end of the day, entering the night, which is apropos, as Venus is, of course, the Lady of the Night (being one of the two planets that rule the night, the other being Mars). At the UMPI link you can also find the following information about its construction:

Diameter: 5.2 inches (13.2 cm)
Location: Budget Traveler Motor Inn (0.7 miles or 1.2 km from Sun)
Construction: Styrofoam ball with fiberglass cover
Constructed by: Caribou Tech Center (Caribou High School)
Painted by: Jeanie McGowan, Curator of Collections at the Northern Maine Museum of Science and student at the University of Maine at Presque Isle
Posts constructed by: Northern Maine Technical College, Sonny Michaud and students
Base constructed by David Tardie and his students, Loring Job Corps, Cement Mason Program

Next up: Earth!


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