Mercury Cazimi in Virgo today, 9/20/18 & 9/21/18

Mercury Cazimi (in the heart of the sun) today exact at 9:31-9:36pm EST (1:30am UTC). Conjunct fixed star Zavijava. Einstein used this star to calculate the speed of light. It is universally considered benevolent, and gives strength, gain, and martial ability (Constellations of Words).

If you’re in NYC, or North or East of there (any of the NE states), the ascendent will be in Gemini, also a Mercury sign, during the EXACT conjunction of this Cazimi. This lends the moment so much more power to accomplish your goals! It’s a great timing!

If you’re somewhere else, let me know and I can let you know what the ascendant in your area will be.

The wide range for this Cazimi is 2:15pm today (6:15am UTC) to 5:45am tomorrow (9:45am UTC).

Mercury (the Mind) in Rulership in Virgo (harvest, service, plans) in this condition, at a corner of a Grand Trine, with Moon still waxing, indicates a supreme opportunity to cast-out important communications, or implement practical or clerical measures geared toward positive change (mutable Earth).

What house is Virgo, for you? For me, it’s the 2nd. Money, self-value, resources. Today, I dedicate myself to my Mercurial work – writing, mental sorting, and casting out all that I want to lead to better things! If what does not serve me gets destroyed in the meanwhile, that’s even better.




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