Astrologer’s Tour of the Maine Solar System Model: #1, Discovery

As Synchronicity goes, I often come across Just The Right Thing I was looking for, even though I wasn’t looking for it. Sometimes, when I didn’t even know it existed. Sometimes this happens with The Perfect Book, or a certain functional or even luxury item that I need. In my life over the years as a person living with very limited financial resources, I have often found things I actually needed to get by or survive in the garbage – after someone throws out the remnants of their yard sale, or whatever. Lamps, dry goods, furniture, books… whatever, the list is endless, and I’ve probably scavenged it. Aside from movable goods, though, one often finds in the course of Flowing or Wandering that they find themselves in the right place, regardless of time. When I came across the Maine Solar System Model, I didn’t even know it existed. I was just living in my car, seeking basic amenities of toilet and safe harbor at the Houlton Rest Area along Rt 1 in Northeastern Maine. It was maybe a day or two before my 33rd birthday. The story of why and I how I ended up in that moment is a whole other story, and the backbone of my motivation of my healing journey, but again, content for another piece (or many).

Yet, the Plutonian origins of my life, and my path to the MSSM, seem to be reflected in the very fact that my determination to evolve beyond the traumas of my past, led me very precisely to Pluto, at Houlton Rest Area in Maine.

Little did I know that I would leave the Ladies Room to take a minute to look at what information was on the wall of the lobby, when I see this staring back at me:


I looked around me to the left and the right, thinking, why isn’t everyone else here as excited as I am? Well, I was the only space-geek in the place at the time…

So, Pluto and Charon, and myself in the reflection of the diorama glass, tell me that I am at the farthest planetary reaches of our Solar System, in this 40-mile to-scale Model. Wow! What are the chances? The largest to-scale 3D solar system model on Earth, and I just find my way to it by blind intuition. I have to hand it to myself for that one, you know.

Over the course of the following few days and weeks I toured the Maine Solar System in both directions, more than once. What I experienced was not only as close to a lived embodiment of traversing the Solar System as I’ll ever get in this body, but also the Serendipity of Lived Correspondences, which are the real “meat” of an astrologer’s focus on anything planetary.

You can check out the University of Maine’s website about the Maine Solar System Model here. It’s fun to navigate because of how old-school it is… of course, the WWW was originally designed for scientists to share information, and this website looks just like something out of those Olde Daies. You can see right off the bat how the planets are spaced through the towns to-scale as they are from the sun. The 2D image, though, does no justice to the actual experience of touring the Model.

Stay tuned…

(You can view the vlogs I made while actually driving the course through this entry or direct through my Youtube channel).


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