Better Late than Never: My Guest Spot on Freedomizer Radio

So, earlier this year, I got involved in the Barefoot is Legal Facebook group, and did a guest spot on their show, as well as the show of the person who runs the online radio station the BIL show is on, Freedomizer Radio, the show itself being “Proof Negative.”

At the time, I had a lot to say about how the guest spot went, but inevitably, despite that I felt that Proof took the opportunity to find some way to trigger or pick some sort of fight or argument with me, perhaps for controversy’s sake, I felt that I handled it very well. My experiences on Freedomizer taught me in a very short time about how live radio broadcasting in general feels – it felt pressurizing, but also super exciting! You never know who is listening… if anyone, and you can’t press pause or do-over. I loved it immediately and knew that I would be running my own show in time.

(edit: of course, I soon did start my own show, Read the Signs Radio

I feel as though I represented myself and the causes that are dear to me well, and that any listener will have multiple layers of experience by listening. It begins with current event (which at the time was the Las Vegas mass gun shooting), but we talk about a lot of different things… and I like to think I proved Proof wrong. But you can decide that.


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