A brief retrospect analysis/reflection on the Mercury Cazimi on June 5, 2018

At my location in New York, USA, the Mercury Cazimi on June 5 2018 was exact at 9:46PM, but spanned from 4:00PM that day to 3:35AM on the next morning, June 6. It was aspected by an applying septile to the North Node in Leo. The septile indicates an ability to see more clearly, from a higher perspective than normal. What is not normally seen, can be clear. As such, this Cazimi was a window of time through which we found ourselves extremely aware of dramas and ego concerns (Leo) that we have either been through already, or must now advance into the unknown future to resolve (this difference in delineation being past/resolved or future/unresolved is discussed in the Mountain Astrologer article “Re-Visioning the Lunar Nodes” by Kathy Allan, who points out the vast difference in astrological traditions’ interpretations of the nodes. I would argue that in a general sense, either can apply, and the common denominator of “fated issues” is really key). New information has arrived. And, because of the cazimi, what we learned as a result of this awareness was pretty much immediately and powerfully channeled and communicated. Mercury in its rulership in Gemini, through the heart of the sun, just shot these revelations out like a laser beam.

What made this even more powerful where a few other notable aspects to this cazimi, and otherwise. First, Pluto and Lilith at a biquintile – bringing a no-holds-barred, ruthless impulse to make one’s point and bring one’s will in, but in a way that is, at the same time, creative, and geared toward, in the long run, creative evolution of the situation(s) affected by this astrological event. Adding to this energy of “acknowledge in the mind, and speak, this truth I now see very clearly” is only exacerbated by Uranus, fresh in Taurus, applying a semisquare to the cazimi. This aspect created a supremely tense and unstoppable impetus to assert one’s own needs and stance, to bring about a change that has been feeling like it has been building up and needing to happen for some time now.

Neptune was also a key player here, contributing uncertainty and trouble pinning down exactly the problem and the solution, and it was difficult for the parties involved to come to an agreement about what actually IS, in reality. The aspect here is an applying square, bringing rigidity and success only with much effort. Despite the forwardness and exposure, and attempts at clear communication and insight, there may be a fog between the parties involved that results in no mutual understanding coming to pass. Emotions can only make this more of a fluid, illogical (but still totally valid) influence, with the Moon approaching conjunction from less than 10 degrees away.

Deep-diving, justice-for-my-trauma Scorpio Jupiter, and self-preserving, relationship-concerned Venus in a Grand Trine to that Moon and Neptune gave the evening in question an even more profound concern with emotions and grievances having to do with unresolved or particularly tough to deal with issues surrounding emotional connections. Deeply felt beliefs may just continue to swim around in the consciousness. The weavings of these feelings that are long and deeply held will not be apparent, but taken for granted, and seem to have no crux or main point – the trine allows free, easy movement, which sounds good, but could mean that the energy is impossible to redirect – in this case, it is intense, confusing, and self-righteous but also yearning and yet self-protective. These all together make it difficult for things to be resolved between partners or groups. If you didn’t keep it light, things may have gotten the better of your emotions.

Finally, the fact that Mars at this moment was a mere two days from conjunction with the South Node only added fuel and impatience to this very intense few hours. This position, in Aquarius, brought an impassioned stirring and either assertion, or aggression, of deeply held beliefs, feelings, or experiences from the past having to do with wounding, loss, loss of power, betrayal, emotional abandonment, and deep-seated issues, in general, even ones that have been healed on some levels, or even have been healed… it is likely they were brought up again, and this time, with the mind or thoughts (Mercury) pinpointing through the sun, things may have been said that although they felt resolved before, were not really fully communicated, and therefore not fully brought into the physical, material, shared world, in consensus reality, until this event.

Of course, the more directly your individual chart was hit by the key points in this chart, either by aspect or conjunction, the more you were affected. For me, the cazimi itself was 2 degrees conjunct my 11H natal Chiron (and even closer for my progressed), and the Mars/SN conjunction close to my descendant and even closer to my progressed Jupiter, plus some other tight aspects, so I went through a pretty intense instance that was definitely a long time coming, and in that way, felt particularly fated. In the case of my experience, it had to do with my relationship with a friend (11th) who, for a while in the history of the relationship, we were very close, and even cohabited. It felt like there was no stopping the truth of each of our ways of approaching our shared scenario from coming out, and it resulted in a painful awareness and establishment of a new level of boundaries that felt like it “should” have been brought out earlier, but only with this arrangement could the “heart” of the situation come out. I imagine that this event may have had similar purgative and therapeutic breakthroughs for others, as well.



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