A Simple Feb 2018 Aquarius Solar Eclipse Forecast: Key Planets, Focus & Intention to Transmute Old Beliefs, and Create Change, starting February

Solar eclipses can only happen on a New Moon. This particular one is happening in Aquarius, one of the signs the lunar eclipse last month hit. Combined with the location of the eclipse happening so close to the Descendent, the point representing relationships, where the planets and lights set just about 2 hours later, this eclipse is all about how we relate to our “others” – significant others, circles of friends and colleagues, and communities small and large.

(Please note the location close to the descendent is specific to the North-East coast, EST, of USA boundaries. If you live in the Southeast, another time zone, or another territory altogether, the “descendent” and “zenith” parts of this article won’t apply to you, but everything else will).

As with all New Moons, this is a great time to set intentions and set those intentions into motion. The eclipse just makes it that much more powerful. Both luminaries lining up creates a “portal” through which we can metaphysically shoot our consciousness through. An eclipse can bring about a new world, a new paradigm. Looking at the specifics of the eclipse can let you know what parts of your life are best geared up for change.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 4.45.24 PM
(this chart is cast for New York. Again, if you live in another area, you would have to “rotate” the placements of the planets, and as such the horizon line and zenith/nadir or highest point/lowest point would be different. If this is the case, please only pay attention to the SIGNS and PLANETS/LIGHTS.)

Relevant Signs & Planets

Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (who also rules Capricorn, where he is now beginning his 6-year traverse through his own kingdom, correcting everything that went out of place and out of order during the past 22 years). This is a sign of emotional detachment, but also innovation and new ideas. In modern astrology, Uranus is named ruler of this sign, representing drastic and swift change, and liberation.

Uranus is also prominent in the event chart. He is the only planet near the midheaven/zenith, thus being highest in our minds at the time. He is also in a sextile to the actual eclipse. So, The Ol’ Rebel is informing this eclipse by sign, and by beneficial aspect. There are multiple pathways here to elicit great change. If there is something you want to be released, brought to light, shaken up, loosened, or enlightened, this eclipse is key for you.

Mercury is also a key player in this eclipse, and even more strongly than Uranus. Mercury is sitting less than 2 degrees away from the Sun/Moon, and is the one that makes the most direct aspect to Uranus. So, true to his mythology, Mercury is the messenger that will bring your intentions for change from the Moon, to Uranus. His involvement brings an open pathway to communication, anything having to do with writing, or transit.

Jupiter in deep and dark Scorpio is in a wide square to Mercury and the Sun/Moon. This indicates a frustration in relation to how you perceive abundance or justice concerning your deep feelings or sexuality, or very deeply held beliefs you have about yourself, your world, your experience, or your past, perhaps even going back to childhood or before. Jupiter expands these feelings, that have been there for a while, and brings them to the surface to be shared and judged. The square creates resistance and conflict of interest – Jupiter in this sign wants to act on the beliefs and feelings, and the Aquarius planets want to be emotionally detached and come up with revolutionary ideas to liberate the beliefs and feelings. Follow the Aquarius route as much as possible, as they are coming up anyway, but honor what comes up as valid. Whatever it is has to be seen and transformed. Don’t let yourself get carried away. Let Mercury be the messenger, translating them into something new. Don’t get stuck in the deep dark lake – let them come out of the water and be aired out for clearing. Intend for transformation.

Focusing Change

Mercury and Uranus combined make communications work at warp-speed and have intense results. In simple terms, this combination is sort of like the opposite of a Mercury Retrograde, that tends to create hinderance around communications. Any inquiries you submit now are very likely to get through, be seen and heard, and accomplish what you are asking for – perhaps even faster and with more shock than you expected. Be very careful with email and electronic means of publishing and communication (Uranus controls electronics). Use great care with words and “be careful what you wish for” because once the changes start happening and the proverbial cracks start forming, there will not be much you can do to stop it.

Trust your instincts and trust the process, but unless you want a complete overhaul of your life, show restraint in your intentions. It’s much easier to intend for change in one or maybe 2 areas of your life, rather than all over the place. Too much change can cause trauma and inability to integrate the changes well. Little hinges open big doors. Choose wisely & focus the energy onto where in your life you really want, but more importantly, need change.

A good method for knowing where this event may have best effect is to see what is happening in the areas of your chart that are affected by this event: Late Aquarius (Sun/Moon and Mercury) and late Aries (Uranus). Also consider looking at early Capricorn (where Saturn is now) for guidance as to what may ground you during this experience. Checking to see if the key planets make aspects to any of your planets or points is also highly recommended.

In Summary

This eclipse will open up a great opportunity to think of, communicate, write, or otherwise put into motion anything that you want to bring great change to where you feel abundance or justice is being blocked. Clearing issues from the past, perhaps even traumas or old defunct patterns of belief or habit, and anything having to do with relationships, are where this eclipse would have most effect. In other words, any intentions or desires would have more effect if the changes desired are related to releasing the old to make room for the new, rather than just “creating new things” out of nothing.

This eclipse is happening in Aquarius, one of the signs the lunar eclipse from 1/31 hit. The 1/31 eclipse happened in Leo (ego, self) and Aquarius (other, community). The North Node eclipse point (representing our future destiny) is still in Leo, but the Moon will have moved to Aquarius for the 15th. So, we are not focused on the self so much here, but in how we can fit in to the world and create change for all, including ourselves. In about 2 weeks, on 2/28, the moon will be back at the Leo point of the Lunar Eclipse, and we can reflect on how things have changed in the past month.

So, in terms of relationships, this eclipse allows us to move forward into a new state of emotional detachment that will enable us to make the changes necessary to transmute the old stuff that has been sitting there for so long, keeping us feeling stuck. We can work with our significant others and communities in a way that puts the collective first, and where we do not get wrapped up in our egos so much. It is by doing this that we will be able to self-actualize and find our “place in the sun,” our inner gifts to share.

This is not to say that ego is something we must run away from – it is a necessary part of our being – but often we can find more fulfillment and a more authentic experience of ourselves if we don’t take things so personally. In order for change to happen in our Leo self (ego), we need to open up to the Aquarius (community). It is through this direction of energy that we can integrate.


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